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The First International Conference on Tolkien's Invented Languages

Elvish names of the hand from VT 47

FotR Movie: Complete Lyrics!



Sindarin Course (from Oct 14, 2004) by Thorsten Renk [PDF in GZIP file, 491 KB]

Summary of the Sindarin grammar by Ryszard Derdzinski

Dictionary of the Reconstructed Sindarin Words by Ryszard Derdzinski

Sindarin Pronouns - a reconstruction by Ryszard Derdzinski

Kurs sindarinu po polsku - Thorsten Renk, tlum. Adaneth, komentarz Galadhorn (Polish)



Quenya Course (from Aug 12, 2004) by Thorsten Renk [PDF in GZIP file, 456 KB]

Summary of the Quenya grammar by Ryszard Derdzinski (under construction)

Quenya Pronouns - a reconstruction by Ryszard Derdzinski

Dictionary of the Reconstructed Quenya Words by Boris Shapiro

Dictionary of the Reconstructed Quenya Words in CHM file [89 KB] [troubles?]

Kurs quenya po polsku - H. K. Fauskanger, tlum. Elanor i Vendis (Polish)



Ælfwine by Anthony Appleyard

Consonant Mutations in Conceptual Evolution of Noldorin/Sindarin Phonology

by Ryszard Derdziński [PDF, 124 KB; first published in Gwaihir #7]

Elvish Pronouns by Ryszard Derdzinski

Evolution of Eldarin Pronouns (1917-1965) by Ryszard Derdzinski

History of the Elvish Writing Systems by Gildor Inglorion [Word 458 KB, fonts]

Northern Dialect of Sindarin by Ryszard Derdzinski [PDF 176 KB]

Quenya: The Influence of the Greek Language essay by Andreas Andreou (Greece)

Sarati Rúmilo Quenya Mode by Ryszard Derdzinski

The Calendars of Imladris, Gondor and the Shire... by Boris Shapiro


Sindarin Compositions

Adel i vennas ('Old Walking Song' Part 2) by Ryszard Derdzinski

Aerlinn Elendil ('The Hymn of Elendil') by Ryszard Derdzinski

Aerlinn in elvellyn o Thol Gannel by Eirien Tuilinn

Amrûn o Lamedon by Eirien Tuilinn

Ave Maria in Sindarin by Ryszard Derdzinski

Dant Gil-galad ('The Fall of Gil-galad') by Ryszard Derdzinski  

Erin daen Hithaeglir by Thorsten Renk [tengwar trascription]

Fragment of "Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth" by Ryszard Derdzinski

Galadriel's Lament by Ryszard Derdzinski

Gaerlin Legolas by Ryszard Derdzinski

Glîr Vedui Bilvon (Bilbo's Last Song) by Katarzyna "Elring" Staniewska

I Râd Ui-renia Lim ('Old Walking Song' Part 1) by Ryszard Derdzinski

Ist-Minlamad Fangorn by Ryszard Derdzinski

I Thrach in Gelydh ('The Curse of the Noldor') translated by Menelvantar

Laer Thoron ('The Eagle's Song') by Ryszard Derdzinski

Meleth Faramir (Faramir's Love) by Ryszard Derdzinski

Merseburg Charm in Sindarin by Lothenon

Morn 'ellui  by Didier Willis (ELPP*)

Naergon an Kharas Crist-Erui by Iessadriel (Jessie Christiansen) [sound file]

Nan Annûn or Annie Lennox's "Into The West" in Sindarin by Taramiluieli

Narn en-Angol ('Rhyme of Lore') translated into Sindarin by Lea Sheler.

Quenta Silmarillion: 'Of the return of the Noldor' by Pavel Iosad

Pater noster in Sindarin by Ryszard Derdzinski [sound file]

Pent Fangorn by Ryszard Derdzinski

Riddle of Strider by Ryszard Derdzinski

Ring Poem by Ryszard Derdzinski [revised version]

Saelpheth Gandalf (Gandalf's Advice) by Ryszard Derdzinski

Sam Gamgee's Letter by Ryszard Derdziński (ELPP)

Sindarin Prose Fragment by Didier Willis

Song of Gondor by Ryszard Derdzinski
The Oath of Cirion and Eorl by Didier Willis and Helge K. Fauskanger
The Snowmane's Epitaph by Ryszard Derdzinski (ELPP)

Tinúviel Fragment by Ryszard Derdzinski (ELPP)


Quenya Compositions
Ainulindalë Fragment by Ryszard Derdzinski

Aistalë Elrondo ('Elrond's Blessing') by Ryszard Derdzinski

Altariello Lírë by Aiwë

Altariello Nainië Mistalondessë by Ryszard Derdziński (ELPP)
Cuivienello Tol Eressëanna by Ryszard Derdzinski

Cuivienyarna Fragment by Ryszard Derdzinski

Elven Hymn to Elentári Tintallë by Elanor

I Anda Malle by Thomas Ferencz

I lindë Onyato ('The Ent and the Entwife') by Michal Kossowski

I Lirilla Lehtalëo by Diego Sebastian Bao and Tandra Chu
I Omentië Vinyamassë by Lukas Novak

Lament of the Rohirrim in Quenya by Elenhil Laiquendo (Boris Shapiro)

Lírë Lassion by Erwin "Eärendil" Swoboda

Melmë Faramiro (Faramir's Love) by Ryszard Derdzinski

Metimë Quettar Olórino by Julian Jarosch

Minna Númen - To The West by Petri Tikka

Ninqueldan by Arandil Elenion
Númen by David Chapman 

Númenna or Annie Lennox's "Into The West" in Quenya by Ryszard Derdzinski

Númenna - To The West by Thorsten Renk

Oath of the Fëanorians by Milan Rezac 

Quenya Prose Fragment by Didier Willis, translated by Sébastien Bertho

Ring Poem by Maciej Garbowski

Quenta Silmarillion Fragment: 'Of the beginning of days' by Sébastien Bertho

Quenta Silmarillion: 'Of the coming of the Elves' by Ryszard Derdzinski

Quenta Silmarillion: 'Of the ruin of Beleriand' by Brett Engetschwiler

Rómen by David Chapman

The Epitaph of Beowulf by Julian Jarosch

The «Kalevala» Fragment by Petri Tikka

Tirno Silmarillion by Arandil Elenion

Two Christian Prayers by David Chapman 

Valacormaron Fragment by Ryszard Derdzinski
Valaquenta: Introduction by Ryszard Derdzinski
Valaquenta: Of Manwë ar Melcor by Ryszard Derdzinski


Archaic and dialectal Sindarin Compositions

I lambi yåri in Old Sindarin by Florian "Lothenon" Dombach

I laim ioer in Middle Sindarin by Florian "Lothenon" Dombach

Narn Fingolfin in North Sindarin by Florian "Lothenon" Dombach


Telerin Compositions

Alatarielo Nainie by Vicente S. Velasco

Alatarielo Nainie Mistalonnese by Ryszard Derdzinski


Adûnaic Compositions

Lament to Arwen by Thomas Ferencz


Rohirric (Old English) Compositions

Beadu Felda Pelennora by Shawn R. McKee

Léof þegn by Ryszard Derdzinski


*[ELPP] - text that will be presented during the next Elvish Language Poetry Prize



 Have you already deciphered these manuscripts? The answer is here.


Elvish Calligraphy

Andúril by Joel Whitmore & Kevin Cashen

Elvish Christmas Card with a fragment of Athrabeth from Elenwe (Poland)

Elvish Wedding Invitation by Boris Shapiro and Olga Kukhtenkova

Lothenon's Account in Old and Middle Sindarin by Florian Dombach

Maendeithad Edhellen - Elvish Calligraphy by D.Daniel Andriës

Merseburg Charm in Sindarin by Lothenon

New Calligraphy Fragments by D. Daniel Andriës

On Frumsceafte Ilúuatar by Arkadiusz Kubala

Rúmilian Document 'Oath of Fëanor's Sons' by Karolina Stopa 

Rúmilian Namárie by Florian Dombach  

Samwise Gamgee's Letter by Ryszard Derdzinski

Samwise Gamgee's Letter by Gernot Katzer

Sindarin Inscriptions by D.Daniel Andriës

Wedding Invitation by Joanna and Damian Gucza 

Wedding Rings by S. and J. Pfeiffer


Elvish Music

A Elbereth Gilthoniel [mp3 file, 5,53 MB, with author's permission]

words by J.R.R. Tolkien, music by a_dreamer (Poland)

Aerlinn in elvellyn o Thol Gannel [mp3 file, 731 KB, with author's permission]

words by Eirien Tuilinn, music by J. Butler

Faer Edhellen [mp3 file, 1,21 MB, with author's permission]

music by J. Butler

Laer en-Aduial [mp3 file, 840 KB, with author's permission]

music by J. Butler

Lamathlim [mp3 file, 1,2 MB, with author's permission]

music by J. Butler [see announcement about the lyrics]

Ninqueldan [mp3 file, 2 MB, with author's permission]

words by Arandil Elenion, music by J. Butler

Prophecy [mp3 file, 825 KB, with author's permission]

words by Philippa Boyens, music by J. Butler

Pen Peth [mp3 file, 477 KB, with author's permission]

words by J. Butler, music by J. Butler


Elvish Linguistic Gallery

Gildor Inglorion


Karolina Stopa
Leonid Korablev

Patrick Wynne

Ronald Kyrmse

Ryszard Derdzinski
S. Juchimov

Tom Loback

Tomasz Kowal

Two Trees Gallery



Christmas Elvish e-cards

Elvish names of the hand from VT 47

Gwaihir - Our Magazine!

The Lord of the Rings Movie by Ryszard Derdzinski

Elvish Phrases in the LotR movie by Ryszard Derdzinski

Galadhorn's Tolkien Shop by Ryszard Derdzinski

Elvish cakes by Ryszard Derdzinski

Tengwar for Polish by Ryszard Derdzinski
Quenya Numerals by Ryszard Derdzinski



Sindarin Course by Thorsten Renk [PDF in ZIP file, 287 KB]

Quenya Numbers 2.3. [WinZip 152 KB] by Alex Grigny de Castro

Elvish Linguisitc Calendar v.1.1 [PDF 2,6 MB]

History of the Elvish Writing Systems by Gildor Inglorion [PDF, RTF]

History of the Elvish Writing Systems: Fonts [WinRar 300 KB]

Sindarin Dictionary: Update [PDF 84 KB]

Tolkien Calendar by Elenhil Laiquendo [WinZip 224 KB]



 J.R.R. Tolkien's Valaquenta

Translated Into Neo-Quenya




PDF e-book, WinZip file, 2 MB

Polish version 1.1, English version soon!

This edition contains the Elvish manuscripts!



Elvish Linguistic Library
Sindarin Dictionary by Ryszard Derdzinski 

Elvish Linguisitc Calendar by Ryszard Derdzinski

Le dictionnaire des langues elfiques by Edouard Kloczko (in French)

Resources by Ryszard Derdzinski

Tolkien's Legendarium edited by Verlyn Flieger and Carl F. Hostetter

Vinyar Tengwar #42: Review by Ryszard Derdzinski


Elvish Linguistic Links


Most Recommended

Elvish Linguistic Fellowship - lots of resources - edited by Carl F. Hostetter.
Eldalamberon - Art, Music and Language. Info about Parma Eldalamberon.
The Language Lab - website by Patrick Wynne

Ardalambion - best site on the Arda languages, edited by Helge Fauskanger.

Elm - Elvish names, grammatical forms. A very good website! - by Ales Bican

I Lam Arth - Aaron Show's website devoted mainly to Sindarin.
Lambenyáre - Tolkienian linguistic information service! (en español)

Parma Tyelpelassiva - Thosten Renk's website with plenty of linguistic material!

Mellonath Daeron - mainly on Quenya and Sindarin.
Tyalië Tyelelliéva - Elvish Language Poetry Prize! - edited by Lisa Star.


Linguistic Tools (grammars, dictionaries, etc.)

Das Sindarin-Lexicon by Christian Buzek - wonderful stuff in Deutsch.

Lambë Eldaiva - grammar tables and glossaries - by Alex Grigny de Castro.

Quenya Grammar Reexamined - by Anthony Appleyard.

Quettar Tolkieno - Marcus A. Smith's concordances for Tolkien's books.

Sindarin Translator - very, very useful - by Didier Willis.
Tolkien Dictionary by Bob Ireland.

Utúvielyë Quenya - compendium on Quenya - edited by John Wordsworth.


Writing Systems (tengwar, cirth, etc.)

Amanyë Tenceli - all about Sarati and Tengwar - edited by Mans Björkman

Dan Smith's Tengwar and Cirth fonts - highly recommended
Tengwar Fëanora - best Polish page devoted to Tengwar


Mailing Lists

Elendilli: Polish Tolkien Forum about languages of JRRT. Login instructions by Evenstar

Elfing Mailing List - mailing list for all Elvish linguists
Lambengolmor Mailing List - linguistic list for specialists. Very good!

TolkLang - another good list for the Elvish linguists. Rich archive!

I Lam Arth Forum - a forum devoted to Sindarin!  


Linguistics, Poetry & Art

Ambar Eldaron - Elvish grammar, calligraphy and poetry in French.

Are High Elves Finno-Ugric? - relations between Quenya and Finnish.
Barad Eithel - Beleriand online! - edited by Hisielindo (in Russian).
Men i Eldalambinen - Petri Tikka's site with many Elvish texts!

Gondolin - a lot of linguistic material on the website of Ronald Kyrmse

Graysilk - Elgaladna's website with Elvish art and fashion in Russian

Hiswelókë - good linguistic material in French - edited by Didier Willis.

Hobbit Name Generator - let us all have Hobbit names!

La faculté des études elfíques  - on Tolkien in French - by Edouard Kloczko.
Lindamanya - calligraphy by Arno Luyendijk

Tol Gannel - The Poets' Court  - by Eirien - isle of Sindarin poetry!

Leonid Korablev Elvish Art - beautiful art, many Tengwar inscriptions...

My Precious - very proffesional artwork by Lea Sheler

Mellyn in Edhil - Elvish poetry, calligraphy, writing-systems by Lothenon  

Suite 101 Article - an interesting article about learning Quenya yourself.

20rings - 20 najlepszych stron tolkienowskich


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