Sindarin Tengwar Inscriptions

by D. Daniel AndriŽs



D. Daniel AndriŽs (Uialdil) is 38 years old and lives in Shreveport, Lousiana, USA. Uialdil writes: I first became interested in calligraphy when I first 'met' J.R.R. Tolkien, via The Hobbit. I was about twelve years old at the time. While I was in high school, there was a general re-awakening of interest in Tolkien's works, especially The Lord of the Rings. I read it and loved it! So did many of my classmates. While reading Appendix E, I realised that I could actually spell words using tengwar, and my classmates and I set to learning them. We based our usage on the example on the title page, and a few of us decided to devise a more phonetic approach by matching tengwar to IPA symbols. A few of us lingustic-minded ones could read this 'mode,' but it was gibberish to most of the others! (You realise English is not phonetic in its spelling!) I now use the full writing mode in the King's Letter to represent English. I generally use true calligrapher's tools for my tengwar calligraphy, but for computer scanning of examples I often use felt-tipped markers and gel pens for their vibrant colours.
Oh, and by the way, my Elven 'alias' is Uialdil... mixed Sindarin/Quenya form meaning 'Lover of twilight'...twilight being very special to the Eldar.





A(ng) Ngaladhorn anno huilad nÓn!


'To Galadhorn [I] give greeting mine!'



Suilad Galadhorn!

Cuio mae, mellon!


'Greetings Galadhorn!

Live well, friend!'



Mae govannen Galadhorn!


'Welcome, Galadhorn!'




Cuio mae - Uialdil


'Live well - Uialdil!'







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