Aistalë Elrondo
'Elrond's Blessing' by Ryszard Derdzinski


We find these words in The Lord of the Rings, Book II, The Ring Goes South (p. 322). This is farewell blessing for the Nine, The Fellowship of the Ring. When I found these words I wanted to hear what they are like in Quenya. Here is my translation. My translation employs many words revealed in the last issues of Vinyar Tengwar.


Ála tira acca haiya! Mal si a vanya as márë órelyar! Namárië, ar nai aistalë Eldar ar Atani ar ilyë Léralieron hilya le! Eleni sílar antalyannar!

(...) Look not to far ahead! But go now with good hearts! Farewell, and may the blessing of Elves, Men and all the Free Folk go with you. May the stars shine upon your faces! (I 322).

Literal translation:


'Don't look too far-away! But now go with hears good [pl.]! Farewell, and let blessing [of] Elves, Men and all Free-Peoples follows you! Stars shine [Continuative Tense, pl.] faces-your-upon '


Notes (selected comments)


Most words can be found in the standard dictionaries. Noun *aistale is my reconstruction for 'blessing' (cf. aista- 'to bless'). Name Léralië, pl. Léralier means 'Free People'.

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