Ring Poem
by Maciej Garbowski


Maciej Garbowski known as Arael Eldalómė is a member of Elvish Linguistic Fellowship and is one the most famous Elvish poets and linguists in Poland. He lives in Cracow. This version of the Quenya Ring Poem comes from the 1990s and was first published in Polish magazines Vingilótė and Nyellinkė Eldarin. Compare it with Ring Poem in Sindarin. Maciej wrote in his commentary: I must have made a small change in the third verse for the rhyme harmony. I also translated the place-name Mordor into Quenya. Below you will find Maciej Garbowski's beautiful hand-made tengwar transcription.


Neldė Cormar Eldaron Aranen nu i vilya,

   Otso Heruin Naucoron ondeva mardentassen,

Nertė Firimė Nérin yar i Nuron martyar,

   Minė i Morė Herun mormahalmaryassė

Mornórėo Nóressė yassė i Fuini caitar.

   Minė Corma turiė tė ilyė, Minė Corma hiriė tė,

   Minė Corma hostiė tė ilyė ar mordossė nutiė tė

Mornórėo Nóressė yassė i Fuini caitar.

Literal translation


Three Rings Elves-of Kings-to under the sky,

   Seven Lords-to Dwarves-of stone-of halls-their-in,

Nine Mortal Men-to which the Death-of destine,

   One the Dark Lord-to dark-throne-his-on

Mordor-of Land-in which-in shadows lie.

   One Ring to-control them all, One Ring to-find them,

   One Ring to-gather them all and darkness-in to-bind them

Mordor-of Land-in which-in shadows lie.

Tengwar transcription



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