Summary of Sindarin grammar


by Ryszard I. Derdzinski

The Sindarin language invented and described by J.R.R. Tolkien is not presented as a complete speech in the actual sources. The summary of the Sindarin grammar presented below is based upon Tolkien's writings, but some fragments of this sketch are a mere guess by myself or by another, much wiser scholars. I am especially grateful to David Salo, Helge K. Fauskanger and Didier Willis for their help and advice. My text should be compared with Helge K. Fauskanger's Sindarin - the Noble Tongue article at the Ardalambion and with David Salo's A Grammar and Dictionary of Silvan Elvish (Other Hands #28). The phonetics chapter is based upon Didier Willis' Sindarin Dictionary. My grammar analyzis scheme is based upon the text: Summary of Spanish grammar in The Wordsworth Spanish Dictionary, Hertfordshire 1995. The theoretic forms, based on the Elvish etymology and the theoretic explanations are printed in blue. Remember that the reconstructed forms are only hypothetical and should not be treated as certain.




1. Phonetics

2. Spelling

3. Morphosyntax



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