Patrick Wynne has authored numerous articles on Tolkien's invented languages for the journals Parma Eldalamberon, Vinyar Tengwar, and Mythlore and is a member of a project to order, transcribe, and edit Tolkien's unpublished linguistic papers. His artwork has been published in numerous Tolkien journals and other publications, and he has illustrated several books, including Fish Soup by Ursula K. Le Guin (from Tolkien's Legendarium, p. 274).  


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Melkor and Ungoliantė. This illustration is based on a passage from Morgoth's Ring, the 10th volume of The History of Middle-earth, pp. 284-285. The tengwar inscription at the bottom gives the English text of paragraph §56b of Tolkien's text. This was a cover artwork of Mythlore LXXV.
wynne_b.jpg (152074 bytes) The Death of Glorfindel. This depiction of the Glorfindel's death closely follows the account given in The Book of Lost Tales, Part Two, p. 194. Patrick Wynne used here a highly stylized approach to find a good way to echo visually the pseudo-archaic, mannered prose of BoLT. The curling plumes of smoke owe much to Tolkien's rendition of the campfire in his illustration "The Trolls" for The Hobbit. There is also included a panel in tegwar describing the scene in Quenya. The over-all effect of the piece is that of a page from an illuminated Elvish manuscript. This artwork comes from Mythlore LX.


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Gandalf at the Library of Minas Tirith. There are many Quenya phrases in tengwar here. Can you read them? The artwork comes from Mythlore LXII (Summer 1990).
wynne_d.jpg (244712 bytes) Sihe halpbruder, diss ist scherpffer dann dein zung. This artwork is entitled 'Woodcut from a 15th century German edition of "The Silmarillion": Das Silmarillion. Die geschicht von den elbischen staynen silmarilli genant, printed by Peter Wagner, Nuremberg, 1493.' This splendid artwork illustrates the tale from The Silmarillion on pp. 69-70.

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