Below I present Jessica Butler's compositions. This music is published with kind permission of its author (Meneg hennaid!):



words by Arandil Elenion, music by J. Butler



words by Philippa Boyens, music by J. Butler


Pen Phith

('Without Words') music by J. Butler


Laer en-Aduial

('Evening Song') music by J. Butler


Aerlinn in elvellyn o Thol Gannel

words by Eirien Tuilinn, music by J. Butler



music by J. Butler; see comment below


Faer Edhellen

('Elvish Spirit') music by J. Butler



What's New in Jessica Butler




Screensaver with Jessica's music! (Oct 3, 04)


Evermind who is the author of the French website Ambar Eldaron: le Monde des Elfes has created a screensaver using Jessica Butler's music. It can be downloaded from here. Jessica talked about this screensaver saying: Lamathlim is also featured in a new LotR screensaver by Evenstar, the young woman who translated GiP into French (see here).


About Jessica's CD (Sep 12, 04)


In February Jessica wrote to me about her new idea concerning her CD with Elvish music: I had a wonderful crazy thought. If and when (I'll say "when", because "if" implies that it might not happen) I finally have enough material to make a whole CD, I'm going to need artwork to put in the liner notes and on the cover. I would love it so much if people who contribute to Gwaith-i-Phethdain would contribute their artwork to this. That way when it's all finished, the CD could be a collaborative project from the Tolkien community. What do you think? As I have stated before, it will be some time before I finally have enough material to make a whole CD. But I'm so excited about the idea! You can share this idea with others, if you like. So I share this idea with the others :-) If you want to help Jessica send us a project of the cover graphics.


New Song Ninqueldan (Sep 12, 04)


Jessica's newest music can be heard here. Its lyric is Ninqueldan, a poem by Arandil Elenion which can be found among our Quenya compositions. As a comment Jessica wrote: The last line shown here is split in two for the last line in the song; "I hesin yenion" is sung on top of "alasse".


Jessica's music in the net (Sep 12, 04)


From Jessica Butler's letter: I also wanted to mention a few of the exciting things my music has become a part of. It is part of the soundtrack for a short film in Canada, called Elemental, with Digimatize Productions; the producer entered the film in a festival. She didn't win, but she sent me a copy of the film. She used New Song, which we decided to call Lamathlim. Gildor says that the name doesn't sound right, but she and I both liked it, so we kept it. Lamathlim is also featured in a new LotR screensaver by Evenstar, the young woman who translated GiP into French. I thought that was pretty neat. The Council of Elrond http://www.councilofelrond has a Realm of Varda, where they are using Laer en-Aduil as their theme song; and The Clan of the Silver Arrow http://www.clanofthesilverarrow, a role-playing website losely based on Tolkienian mythology, has asked to use Pen Phith as their background music. The webmaster for CoSA is also the label director for a record label in the northwest of the United States, and has asked if I would be interested in releasing an album on his label. I've told him that I'm still a long ways off from having the material to release an album; but I'm very excited that he asked!



Lyrics to Lamathlim wanted!


From Jessica's letter: It doesn't have words, and it doesn't have a title. It is my favorite. I would like to put words to it some day, but so far I haven't found anything appropriate that fits the music.  I just figured people might like the idea of having their words as lyrics for one of my songs. And to that end, several of my other songs need words as well; people are welcome to write lyrics for them. The criteria for a text to be chosen, though, would be that the lyrics be in one of the Elvish tongues (Sindarin, Quenya, Telerin, Old Sindarin, or one of the more archaic languages - Avarin? Noldorin?), and the lyrics must fit the cadence of the music. Having a musical background, particularly in singing, would be beneficial, because it would give the writer a greater understanding of where text should fall in the cadence of a musical line. I can select a text based upon those criteria, and also the meaning of the text (so an English translation would be necessary, just so I can understand what the words mean). The final result would be me recording the song with those lyrics that I chose. If you want to help Jessica to find the text to this song write to us and send your lyric.


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