Elenhil and Elgaladna's Wedding Invitation

by Boris Shapiro and Olga Kukhtenkova



On June 16, 2001 Elenhil Laiquendo (Boris Shapiro) and Elgaladna Findilauriel (Olga Kukhtenkova) got married in a catholic church in Russia. Boris is an amateur linguist and a beginner lambengolmo. He is fond of Tolkien and his languages and he specializes (to a certain extent) in Quenya and in Middle-earth calendars; he has complex ideas about Tolkien's world and Christianity and the Elder Days of our oikoumene; his beloved, Olga is an artist, a dramatic actress, a theatre costumier, she loves   drawing fairies and elves and illustrating Tolkien, she also   specializes in the history of arts and culture and loves mythology and collects cosmogonical mythos. They both are elves: his name is Elenhil Laiquendo and her one is Elgaladna FindilaurielYou should visit Elgaladna's wonderful artistic website (in Russian).

Invitation outside:

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Invitation inside:

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Elenhil and Elgaladna before the wedding


3.jpg (40447 bytes) The wedding
P6160079.jpg (81877 bytes) The wedding rings
Elenhil and Elgaladna
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