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Below I present all the up-to-date revealed phrases in the languages of Middle-earth (i.e.. Sindarin, Quenya, Khuzdul, etc.) which belong to the Lord of the Rings movie dialog script. Author of all of them is David Salo, a renowned Elvish expert from the USA. Thanks to help of many Elvish linguists, including Måns Björkman, Helge Fauskanger, David Kiltz, Johan Winge, Patrick, Elhath, Javier Lorenzo, and especially of the very David Salo, I can give the meaning and context of these phrases in the languages of Tolkien. I have presented them in the chronological order of the story told in the movie.


The text of subtitles, as seen in the movie, is printed in black bold font. Unattested words in red are analyzed in the glossaries. Hypothetical guesses are in blue. Detailed analysis of Sindarin words attested in Tolkien's writings can be found in my Gobeth e Lam Edhellen. The symbol indicates a sound file (some sound files come from Thomas Deece and some from Julián E. Povedano. Hennaid!). Abbreviations used: FotR The Fellowship of the Ring, TTT The Two Towers, RotK The Return of the King.




∙ Sindarin ∙


1. I amar prestar aen... or Galadriel's Prologue FotR

2. Tangado haid or Elrond's Battle Cry FotR

3. Im Arwen... or Arwen on Weathertop FotR

4. Dartho guin Beriain or Before the Bruinen Raid I FotR

5. Ingon i athrad... or Before the Bruinen Raid II [not included in the film]

6. Noro lim, Asfaloth... or Bruinen Raid FotR

7. Nîn o Chithaeglir... or Bruinen Spell FotR

8. Frodo, lasto beth nin... or Elrond's Healing Words FotR

9. Anirne hene... or Elrond Near Gilraen's Grave FotR  [FotR DVD extended version]

10. A si i-Dhúath... or Aragorn and Arwen in Imladris FotR

11. Havo dad, Legolas... or Council of Elrond FotR

12. Losto Caradhras... or Caradhras Spell FotR

13. Annon Edhellen... or Moria Gate Spell FotR

14. Mae govannen, Legolas... or Lórien Dialog I FotR [FotR DVD extended version]

15. Haldir o Lórien... or Lórien Dialog II FotR

16. Boe ammen... or Lórien Dialog III FotR  [FotR DVD extended version]

17. Le aphadar... or Celeborn's Warning FotR [FotR DVD extended version]

18. Am meleth dîn... or Galadriel's Farewell FotR [FotR DVD extended version]

19. Hiro hyn hîdh... or Legolas' Grief TTT

20. Nad no ennas or Before Meeting Gandalf TTT

21. Nach gwannath... or Dreaming About Arwen I TTT [TTT DVD extended version]

22. Minlû pedich nin... or Dreaming About Arwen II TTT

23. Tollen i lû... or Elrond and Arwen TTT

24. I amar prestar aen... or Arwen' Departure TTT

25. Mae carnen... or Aragorn and Brego TTT

26. Le abdollen... or Before the Battle TTT

27. Mae govannen... or Haldir's Arrival TTT 

28. A Eruchîn... or Battle Commands and Warnings TTT

29. Ónen i-Estel... or Elrond and Aragorn RotK

30. Hannon le... or Aragorn's Thanksnt RotK

31. I Aear cân... or Elrond's Lament RotK

32. Law, hîr nin... or Arwen's Farewell RotK [RotK DVD extended version?]  




33. Nai tiruvantel... Elrond's Farewell [not included in the film]

34. Cuiva nwalca Carnirassë... or Saruman's Weather Spell FotR 

35. Ando Eldarinwa... or Gandalf's Moria Gate Spell FotR 

36. Namárie or Galadriel's Farewell FotR 

37. Aiya Eärendil... or Frodo's Invocation RotK




38. Kilmin malur... or Gimli in Mazarbul FotR 

39. Ishkhaqwi... or Gimli's Curse in Lórien FotR [FotR DVD extended version]


Black Speech


40. Ashi! or Ringwraith's Cry FotR

41. Ash nazg durbatulûk... or Ring Verse FotR [FotR DVD extended version]

42. Za dashu snaku Zigur... or Sauron's Army Cry TTT 

43. Ash nazg durbatulûk... or Sauron's Army Cry RotK 


Rohirric (Old English)


44. Stille nú, fæste... or Aragorn and Brego TTT [TTT DVD extended version]

45. Westu hal... or Gandalf near Théodred's grave TTT

46. Forth Eorlingas or Battle Cry TTT 

47. Westu Aragorn... or Éowyn's Toast RotK

48. Hige sceal... or Battle Song RotK  [RotK DVD extended version?]



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