The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

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29. Elrond and Aragorn [The Return of the King] 

Elrond meets Aragorn in Thoedens tent to bring him the reforged sword. Words by J.R.R. Tolkien in the so called Gilrain's Linnod (LR III, App. A)


elrond: nen i-Estel Edain.

aragorn: -chebin Estel anim.


elrond: 'I gave Hope to the Dnedain'.

aragorn: 'I have kept no hope for myself'.


nen  v. pret. 'I gave'.

i Estel  n. 'the Hope'.

Edain  n. pl. 'Men', pl. of Adan 'man'. 

-chebin  v. pret. 'I keep; I have kept'; chebin is the lenited form of *hebin.

anim  pron. 'for myself'; from an-im 'for-me'. 



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30. Aragorn's Thanks [The Return of the King] 

When all battles are fought and Aragorn in crowned King of Gondor he goes up to Legolas, lays his hand upon Legolas' shoulder and says:


Aragorn [to Legolas]: Hannon le.


Aragorn [to Legolas]: 'Thank you.'


hannon v. pres. 'I thank'; *hanna- 'thank'; cf. Q *hanta- 'thank' < hantale 'thanksgiving', KHAN- 'understand, comprehend'.

le pron. 'you'.



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31. Elrond's Lament [The Return of the King] 

The exclusive online video 'behind the scenes' on the official movie-elvish website. Hugo Weaving's (Elrond) interview. In the movie this phrase is said by Elrond at Mithlond in the end of The Return of the King.


elrond: I Aear cn ven na mar. 


elrond: 'The Sea calls us home' [the subtitle is given]


i aear n. 'the sea'.

cn v. pres. 'calls'; cf. S can- 'cry out, shout, call' (PM 361-2) 

ven pron. 'to us'; lenited form of men; cf. S ammen 'to us' < an-men.

na mar  n. 'home (lit. to home)'; mar is lenited form of bar (< *mbar).



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32. Arwen's Farewell [The Return of the King Extended Edition?] 

First information came in an elfling message from Harri Perl. Probably Arwen's words to dying Aragorn; cf. Arwen's 'Would you then, lord, before your time leave your people that live by your word?' (Appendix A in The Return of the King).


Sound file from an interview with Liv Tyler.


arwen: Law, hr nn, dollen i Rw. Anrach, nui l, gwannad uin gwaith ln?


arwen: 'No, my lord, the winter hasn't come. Do you wish, before the time, to leave your people?'


law adv 'no, indeed not'; cf. Quenya l, lau, laum; LA-, UGU-.

hr  n. 'lord'.

nn  pron. 'my'.

dollen  v. pret. 'hasn't come'. 

i Rw  n. 'the winter'; lenited form of Rhw.

anrach  v. pres. 'you wish'; cf. agorech 'you did'  

nui   prep. 'before the'; no 'under, *before' + i 'the' 

n. 'time' 

gwannad  inf. 'to depart, to leave' 

uin  prep. 'from the' 

gwaith  n. 'people'

ln  pron. 'your'





37. Frodo's Invocation [The Return of the King] 

As Frodo holds aloft Galadriel's phial in Shelob's Lair he shouts the well known:


frodo: Aiya Erendil Elenion Ancalima!


frodo: 'Hail Erendil brightest of the Stars!'


aiya inter. 'behold, hail'.

Erendil name. 'Sea-lover'.

elenion n. 'of the stars'.

ancalima adj. 'exceedingly bright'.



Black Speech


43. The Orc Cry.

At the Black Gate the orcs are reciting:


the orc Army: Ash nazg durbatulk...


the orc Army: 'One Ring to-rule-them-all...'



Rohirric (Old English)


47. owyn's Toast.

When owyn passes the cup to Aragorn at Edoras she says:


owyn: Westu Aragorn hl!


owyn: 'Be-thou Aragorn well!'



Rohirric (Old English)


48. Battle Song.

The first information about this phrase came from Jude Fisher's The Return of the King - Visual Companion (November 2003). This text comes from Old English The Battle of Maldon.


the rohirrim (?): Hige sceal e heardra, heorte e cenre,

mod sceal e mare e ure maegen lytla.


the rohirrim (?): 'Will shall be the sterner, heart the bolder,

spirit the greater as our strength lessens.'