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[December 21, 2001]

Christmas is very close. Today we may celebrate Yule (winter solstice), a very important holiday in Middle-earth. On this occasion I present one Sindarin and one Quenya text. Both will take part in the next Elvish Language Poetry Prize 2002. They were published in Tyalie Tyelelliéva #17, p. 13. Now you can see its tengwar calligraphy in colour! I present also some interesting news about new Parma Eldalamberon.


[December 19, 2001]

Complete Elvish and Khuzdul dialogs from the LotR:FotR movie. We present the linguistic Spectator's Guide


[December 18, 2001]

Three reports in the news department. New items in the LotR soundtrack corner


[November 26, 2001]

Javier Lorenzo has deciphered the Glamdring inscription from the movie! Visit our news department: you can read there on the not-known Tolkien's letters and on the newly revealed Tolkien's recording of Namárië.


[November 24, 2001]

The first part of the analysis of the Elvish lyrics from the LotR soundtrack. 


[November 14, 2001]

New linguistic items from Casa Loma.


[November 13, 2001] 

New Quenya phrase from the movie!


[November 12, 2001]

New linguistic items from Casa Loma.


[November 11, 2001]

More on Saruman's Quenya.


[November 10, 2001]

On Saruman's Quenya and Samwise's tattoo.


[November 8, 2001]

On Arwen's sword Gwemegil and on Aníron by Enya. 


[November 2, 2001]

Report on the new fragments of the LotR soundtrack. Linguistic report from Casa Loma exhibit and Moria wall inscription transcribed by Andrew Durdin. Analysis of the 'May It Be' Quenya. 


[November 1, 2001]

May It Be by Enya with Elvish text! 


[October 29, 2001]

Eris Caffee presents her interpretation of the Moria runic inscriptions in the movie.


[October 25, 2001] 

See news and the movie department.


[October 24, 2001]

New runes from the movie.


[October 23, 2001]

New Telerin poem by Vicente Velasco! News about Sindarin in the LotR movie.


[October 18, 2001]

Read about Glamdring and its runic inscriptions.


[October 17, 2001] 

News on an article in New Times Los Angeles.


[October 15, 2001]

News on the newest Amon Hen.


[October 4, 2001]

On Howard Shore and languages of Middle-earth! Here.


[October 3, 2001]

Runic Moria inscription's interpretation continued


[October 2, 2001]

New interpretation of the runic Moria inscription in the movie.


[October 1, 2001]

Information about Lisa Star's website and about her journal. Many linguistic news from the LotR movie. 


[September 17, 2001]

Elgaladna presents her artwork in our gallery!


[September 13, 2001]

Three new Elvish phrases in from the LOTR movie.


[September 2, 2001]

New Quenya poem by Sébastien Bertho and one news in the movie department.


[August 30, 2001]

New picture of Bilbo's Sting in the movie department.


[August 27, 2001]

Elenhil Laiquendo presents his interesting program Tolkien Calendar. New entries and corrections in Parma Penyanë Quettaron.


[August 24, 2001]

News in the Movie section.


[August 21, 2001]

Many news in the Movie section!


[August 20, 2001]   

If you have my Sindarin Dictionary you should download its update: new Sindarin words mainly from newest Vinyar Tengwar. Download also the newest version of my Elvish Linguistic Calendar with many important changes (for example all Fëanorian numerals have their Arabic counterparts).


[August 17, 2001] 

New poem in Sindarin: Naergon Galadriel or Galadriel's Lament. In the Summary of the Sindarin Grammar you will find a section devoted to the Sindarin complicated phonetics: pronunciation, stress and consonant mutations.


[August 15, 2001] 

New poem in Sindarin: Pent Fangorn. Read also about Sindarin pronouns in my essay Elvish Pronominal Forms.


[August 14, 2001] 

New poems in Sindarin: Song of Gondor and Riddle of Strider. A lot of new entries in Parma Penyanë Quettaron. See corrections in the Treebeard's Rhyme of Lore.


[August 8, 2001] 

Linguistic news from the movie set!   


[August 6, 2001] 

Attention! New Quenya compostitions in our Silmarillion in Elvish Project! Read the beginning of Quenta Silmarillion by Sébastien Bertho and beginning of Lay of Leithian by Diego Sebastian Bao and Tandra Chu.   


[August 3, 2001] 

History of the Elvish Writing Systems by Gildor Inglorion. A short review of the newest issue of Vinyar Tengwar. Some corrections in the Sindarin Grammar.  


[July 25, 2001] 

See detailed analysis of all the Elvish phrases in the LotR movie that we already know. You will find there six new sentences!  


[July 9, 2001] 

Elenhil and Elgaladna's wedding photos and Elvish calligraphy.

Read more here! Find New Quenya words in the dictionary carried out by Boris Shapiro (with his introduction). Here you can find new guesses concerning the Quenya mode for Sarati Rúmilo.


[June 22, 2001] 

Elvish Linguistic Calendar can be downloaded for free!. Read more here!


[June 18, 2001] 

Name change! Please update your liks. Now this website is named more correctly Gwaith-i-Phethdain. For details see news!


[June 14, 2001]  

News! Elvish Linguistic Calendar for free. Can we write Quenya texts using Sarati Rúmilo? See here


[June 13, 2001] 

Patrick Wynne presents his artwork! An Old English text by J.R.R. Tolkien in medieval calligraphy by Arkadiusz Kubala. A sound file with Iessadriel singing her wonderful poem! 


[June 6, 2001] 

News! Two new poems in Quenya: Of Manwë and Melcor and Of Varda.


[June 4, 2001] 

Attention! Check what is The Silmarillion in Elvish Project! Read also about Alviska fraser - a booklet from Sweden. You can find also some additions to the article on the Stephen and Juli Pfeiffer's wedding rings with Quenya tengwar inscription by Helge K. Fauskanger.


[June 3, 2001]

New sound files in the movie department.


[May 31, 2001] 

The definite reading of the Liv Tyler's Sindarin lines! Stephen and Juli Pfeiffer present their wedding rings with Quenya tengwar inscription by Helge K. Fauskanger.


[May 27, 2001] 

News about an interesting article by Helge K. Fauskanger.


[May 26, 2001] 

Anthony Appleyard presents his interesting article on Ælfwine. A new information in the movie department about a big number of scenes only in Elvish (Sindarin).


[May 22, 2001] 

Some corrections in Elvish Linguistic News and in the movie department.


[May 20, 2001] 

Another sound file and a detailed analysis of the newest movie Sindarin phrase! New items in the linguistic gallery: see new artwork by Tom Loback and Gildor Inglorion! New news!


[May 19, 2001] 

A wonderful collection of the six tengwar calligraphy pieces by D. Daniel Andriës now in the calligraphy department! You must see them! In the Elvish Linguistic News you will find actual information from the Elvish linguistic world. Become an Elvish Reporter and help us to be actual! In the LotR Movie department you will find the newest Sindarin sentence by Liv Tyler! You can download it!


[April 18, 2001] 

New splendid Quenya text The Oath of the Fëanorians by Milan Rezac. A very interesting text on the Middle-earth calendars by Boris Shapiro! And beautiful Rúmilian calligraphy by Karolina Stopa. Mae govannen!


[April 17, 2001] 

Tom Loback in our gallery!


[April 15, 2001] 

New Sindarin text Túrbeth Lossfin. Next part of the David Chapman cycle Rómen and his Two Christian Prayers.


[April 1, 2001] 

New Quenya text The Ainulindale Fragment. My first text in Telerin (!) Alatarielo Nainie Mistalonnese. Become a member of Gwaith-i-Pheddain!


[March 28, 2001] 

Actualization of the Sindarin Grammar.


[March 15, 2001] 

In the gallery you can see the artwork by S. Juchimov. Hear the sound file with the prayer Our Father read by me in Sindarin (WinZip 298 KB - plik MP3).


[March 2, 2001] 

New department! Tengwar Calligraphy.


[March 1, 2001] 

Corrections of the Sindarin grammar.


[February 27, 2001] 

Completely new Sindarin grammar. You must see it!


[February 24, 2001] 

Polish language version of the Gwaith-i-Pheddain.

An article about how to use tengwar in Polish.


[February 22, 2001] 

Måns Björkman from Mellonath Daeron about the Bruinen Spell - here

You can seach words and names in Gwaith-i-Pheddain using my Search Engine

Lucas Novak's poem has been updated.


[February 21, 2001] BTW today is my birthday! 

Galadhorn's Tolkien Shop welcomes you!


[February 18, 2001]

The Lord of the Rings Movie linguistic news.

Quenya poem Cuivienello Tol Eressëanna by Ryszard Derdzinski

Elvish linguistic shop.


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