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[December 21, 2005 - Hobbits' Yule]


Information about the complete lyrics from the FotR EE!



[Good Thursday-Easter, 2005]



Happy Easter 2005 to you all, dear Pethdain!

Wishes in Gothic or the language of the Northmen of Rhovanion


[March 20, 2005]


New attempt in deciphering the runic inscription from Mouth of Sauron's helmet. Graphic with the Quenya and Sindarin names of the part of the hand (information from VT 47).


[March 3, 2005]


Our website has its own Elvish device designed by Joanna "Adaneth" Drzewowska. Here it is:



[February 13, 2005]


Another page of Saruman's Book from Urambo Tauro. And still more to come...


[February 8, 2005]


Thanks to Urambo Tauro we can see and analyze another page from Saruman's Book. More to come...


[February 7, 2005]


New version of the musical compositions A Elbereth Gilthoniel (by a_dreamer) and Ninqueldan (by Jessica Burton). Information about Vinyar Tengwar 47 (here)! A new version of A. Andreou essay: Quenya: The Influence of the Greek Language!


[January 14, 2005]


Musical composition A Elbereth Gilthoniel by a_dreamer from Poland! An essay Quenya: The Influence of the Greek Language by Andreas Andreou (Greece)!


[January 3, 2005]


See Tolkien's Birthday e-card made by Annael!


[December 30, 2004]


Since today you can view and sign our guestbook. Welcome!


[December 24, 2004]



Gwaith-i-Phethdain, and especially its editor, Ryszard "Galadhorn" Derdzinski, wishes you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year full of Tolkienian events! Today we present a Neo-Quenya translation of Tolkien's Valaquenta! The complete text with the manuscript reproductions, transcription, notes. You must see it! Come and see here!


[December 22, 2004]


Tengwar inscription from Saruman's Book in the movie department (here). New Christmas e-cards (here). Lírë Lassion (Galadriel's Song of Eldamar) by Erwin "Eärendil" Swoboda (Quenya translation). Glîr Vedui Bilvon (Bilbo's Last Song) by Katarzyna "Elring" Staniewska (Sindarin translation).


[December 20, 2004]


Information about movie calligrapher and artist, Daniel Reeve's website (here). New maps and calligraphy by Reeve (here). Information about Mouth of Sauron's helmet inscription (here).


[November 10, 2004]


New version of the Sindarin Course by Thorsten Renk. Mysterious Manuscript! Information for the Word-Smiths who want to donate our website. New fantastic map of Arda by Tomasz Kowal (you must see it!!!) See here.


[November 9, 2004]


Information about Andrew Jack's website! See here.


[November 6, 2004]


Information about David Salo's book A Gateway to Sindarin. See here.


[October 28-29, 2004]


New photos of the Helmet of the Mouth of Sauron. Who will decipher the inscription first? See here.


[October 18, 2004]


Information about the runic inscription on the Helmet of the Mouth of Sauron. See here.


[October 3, 2004]


Link to the screensaver by Evermind which uses Jessica Butler's music. See here.


[September 21, 2004]


Information about the new issue of Parma Eldalamberon. See here.


[September 12, 2004]


Many new things about Jessica Butler's Elvish music! New musical composition Ninqueldan! See here.


[September 2, 2004]


Information about a new website concerning the LotR movie lyrics in the languages of Middle-earth. New download in the movie department.


[August 27, 2004


New Quenya composition I lindë Onyato by Michal Kossowski


[August 26, 2004]


New Sindarin composition Aerlinn Elendil by Ryszard Derdzinski!

Information about the newest issues of Vinyar Tengwar!

Thorsten Renk's Quenya course Version 1.10 (August 12, 2004)!

New linguistic service in Polish - nowy serwis lingwistyczny po polsku!

Link to our Forum!


[July 27, 2004]


New lyrics from the RotK movie. See here.


[May 24, 2004]


David Carroll has presents his LotR Symphony: Chorus Text Translations. I have also added the text of Durin's Song from FotR soundtrack.


[April 27, 2004]


Our friend Pippin's Scarf has sent us the vocal score for the symphony with many new lyrics from FotR, TTT and RotK. Tonight I have added three new lyrics from FotR: A Journey in the Dark (in Khuzdûl), Departure of Boromir and The Seduction of the Ring! Enjoy!


[April 25, 2004]


Thorsten Renk presents his Quenya Course in 12 lessons! We write about his website too!


[April 20, 2004]


New lyric from the RotK soundrack: White Rider (Mithrandir's Song.

Consonant Mutations in Conceptual Evolution of Noldorin/Sindarin Phonology

by Ryszard Derdziński [PDF, 124 KB; first published in Gwaihir #7]. Some information in the News department.


[April 11, 2004, Easter]


New Sindarin translation: The Eagle's Song by R. Derdzinski. Lothenon's Sindarin translation of the Merseburg Charm and its calligrapy in tengwar letters. New music by Jessica Butler: Elvish Spirit.


[March 16, 2004]


New (unfortunately reconstructed) lyric from the RotK soundtrack - Twilight and Shadow (your opinions heartly welcome!). Information about the new linguistic FAQ. The Quenya Course by H. Fauskanger being translated into Polish (here)!


[March 3, 2004]


Three new lyrics from the RotK soundtrack! Transcription of the Herbal Inscription from RotK EE!


[March 2, 2004]


New artists in our gallery: Arno Luyendijk and Tomasz "Saso" Kowal. New inscriptions from the RotK movie.


[February 27, 2004]


New English Forum for the friends of G-i-P. For details see here.


[February 11, 2004]


Thorsten Renk has updated his Sindarin Course. Today he presents eight new lessons covering more complicated features of Sindarin. Previous lessons have been corrected and revised. You should see it! Download the course from here (Sindarin Course Version 1.26, February 10, 2004, PDF e-book in the ZIP file - 462 KB).

New 'cleaner' version of Jessica Butler's music Pen Phith!


[January 15, 2004]


Information about new Parma Eldalamberon! New lessons of the Polish translation of Thorsten's Sindarin course! (Polish: Uwaga! Nowe lekcje sindarinu. Zobacz tutaj!).


[January 12, 2004]


Petri Tikka's Minna Númen - To The West. New lessons in the Polish translation of Thorsten's Sindarin course! (Polish: Uwaga! Nowe lekcje sindarinu. Zobacz tutaj!).


[January 11, 2004]


Thorsten Renk's Erin daen Hithaeglir [tengwar trascription] and Númenna - To The West. New lessons in the Polish translation of Thorsten's Sindarin course! (Polish: Uwaga! Nowe lekcje sindarinu. Zobacz tutaj!).


[January 9, 2004]


Thorsten Renk's Sindarin Course in Polish!!! Kurs sindarinu po polsku!!! Zapraszamy!!!


[January 8, 2004]


Today Thorsten Renk presents his splendid Sindarin Course in English!!! Great event for everybody interested in Sindarin!



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