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[December 25-26, 2002]



Merry Christmas! Today I present revised dialogs from The Two Towers movie and their new interpretation.

[December 23, 2002]

More and more Sindarin dialogs from The Two Towers movie and their interpretation.

[December 20, 2002]

More Sindarin dialogs from The Two Towers movie!

[December 19, 2002]

A fragment of The Hobbit in Silesian dialect. New interpretation of Moria Wall inscritpion from the movie. Some Sindarin and Old English dialogs from The Two Towers movie.

[December 15, 2002]

New reports about Didier Willis's and Helge Fauskanger's Sindarin projects. Corrections in Summary of Sindarin Grammar (according to new material from Vinyar Tengwar #44: revision of pronouns and prepositions).

[December 13, 2002]

Today we present the lyrics and poems from the Limited Edition of TTT soundtrack.

We also add a brand new one-file compressed HTML version of Parma Penyane Quettaron, smaller for downloading and easier for using!


[December 12, 2002]

Newest version of Boris Shapiro's Parma Penyane Quettaron or dictionary of newly revealed or coined Quenya words! We announce that PPQ has now improved its graphics, it has new  introduction and new words.

We also present new Sindarin dialog from TTT and two new lyrics from TTT score.


[December 1, 2002]

Presentation of David Salo's Khuzdul phrases (a lot of invented vocabulary and grammar!). New version of Gildor Inglorion's text on the writing systems of Middle-earth!


[November 28, 2002]

Extended analysis of the inscriptions occurring in the LotR movie. New members.


[November 15, 2002]

I have redesigned the movie department. You can find now many new Elvish dialogs from the extended DVD edition of FotR.


[November 3, 2002]

I have completed the movie inscriptions with the tengwar and cirth transcriptions. Florian Dombach sent us another interesting inscription from the FotR movie. I write also about Easterling letters.


[November 1, 2002 - All Saints' Day]

Boris Shapiro presents the most actual version of his Dictionary

In the movie department we present the tengwar inscription from the tomb of Gilraen, Aragorn's mother.


[October 31, 2002]

In the movie department you will find new information concerning the FotR DVD extended version as well as newly revealed Black Speech phrase from the movie (not so new, as you will see). Our gallery contains a new artwork by Ronald Kyrmse. You can also find short review of two books by J.R.R. Tolkien: Road Goes Ever On and The Annotated Hobbit.


[September 2, 2002]

Shawn R. McKee presents his Old English (Rohirric) translation of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Song of the Mounds of Mundburg.


[August 31, 2002]

Today I present you new details of the weapon inscriptions. You can see also quite a new spear inscription from the Cave Troll's weapon and from Gil-galad's Aiglos!


[August 28, 2002]

New phrases from the TTT movie - this time in Black Speech and Rohirric!


[August 26, 2002]

New Quenya poem I Anda Malle; new calligraphy piece by Gernot Katzer; new members.


[July 24, 2002]

New materials in the news reports.


[June 17, 2002]

New version of Boris Shapiro's Book of the Missed Words (Quenya and New Quenya dictionary). New members of Gwaith-i-Phethdain, a correction in the Sindarin movie dialogs and new version of Sam's Letter's graphic.


[June 3, 2002]

New artwork and calligraphy by Danny AndriŽs. Many actual news. New members of Gwaith-i-Phethdain.


[May 12, 2002]

Second Edition of Boris Shapiro's Book of the Missed Quenya Words is now available on our website! You can find this splendid linguistic tool here.


[May 1, 2002]

Daniel AndriŽs presents his new calligraphy. Alex Grigny de Castro publishes newest version of his Quenya Numbers program


[April 28, 2002]

Today new soundtrack lyrics in Quenya! New entry in the dialogs section


[April 27, 2002]

Attention! Attention! New Elvish texts from the movie soundtrack can be found in the movie lyrics section


[April 17, 2002]

You can see the first sword inscription occurring in The Two Towers movie! See Narsil and its Quenya dedication! 


[April 15, 2002]

Visit the LotR movie section and find complete sword inscriptions! Read also about the sword Andķril which belongs to Joel Whitmore. 


[March 28, 2002]

Happy Elvish New Year! Today I present my short essay about North Sindarin - a dialect from the First Age of Beleriand. 


[March 19, 2002]

Sindarin translation by Pavel Iosad.


[February 26, 2002]

Quenya Numerals Program to be downloaded from here. Short report on the newest Vinyar Tengwar.


[February 19, 2002]

Tomorrow is a very interesting symmetrical date 20.02.2002 - it's my Birthday too. My Hobbitish gift for you all is a report on the newly revealed Arwen's Sword Inscription. You can also find here new Elrond's phrase from the movie.


[February 15, 2002]

New Quenya translation by Petri Tikka.


[February 13, 2002]

Sound clips and a report in the movie area.


[February 10, 2002]

Corrections, new photos in the members area, etc.


[February 4, 2002]

Now you can hear some fragments of the Elvish dialog list from the LotR movie. See here.


[January 25, 2002]

In the Quenta Silmarillion Eldalambenen Project there is a new Quenya translation: Quenta Silmarillion: 'Of the ruin of Beleriand' by Brett Engetschwiler


[January 23, 2002]

Three new poems in Sindarin! Read Morn 'ellui by Didier Willis and two poems by Eirien Tuilinn o Lamedon: Aerlinn in elvellyn o Thol Gannel and AmrŻn o Lamedon.


[January 16, 2002]

New report on the FotR movie on the DVD. Corrections in the Dialogs: the linguistic survey.


[January 10, 2002]

Happy New Year! Today you can take a look on a dictionary of the reconstructed Sindarin words. Maybe you want to add your invented word? In the Movie Section you will find complete Elvish and Dwarvish dialogs analyzed. Visit also the News Section and read about similarities between Sindarin and Middle Welsch. Welcome to new Members of G-i-P!


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