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[December 22 (Winter Solstice), 2003]











On the occasion of Christmas and today's winter solstice (Shire's Yule) we wish you alassë and ancalë and a happy new loä! As Christmas gifts we present today: (1) Elvish Christmas Card with a fragment of Athrabeth from Elenwe (Poland); (2) New Elvish Song by Jessica Butler (USA). Jessica asks you for the lyric to her melody! (3) Narn Fingolfin in North Sindarin (!) by Florian Dombach (Germany); (4) Metimë Quettar Olórino in Quenya by Julian Jarosch (Germany); (5) The Epitaph of Beowulf in Quenya by Julian Jarosch (Germany)


[December 19, 2003]


Read about the Black Speech inscription from the Mouth of Sauron's helmet.


[December 18, 2003]


Polish Tolkien Forum "Elendili" about languages of JRRT (in Polish)


[December 17, 2003]


RotK Premiere!!!

Today I present all dialogs in Sindarin and Quenya which can be heard in the RotK movie. See here.


[December 15, 2003]


Nan Annûn or Annie Lennox's "Into The West" in Sindarin by Taramiluiel

Lament of the Rohirrim in Quenya by Elenhil Laiquendo (Boris Shapiro)


[December 11, 2003]


Yesterday Gwaith-i-Phethdain welcomed its Millionth Guest!!!

Here Two new lyrics from RotK!

Here annoucement about new Parma Eldalamberon.


[December 9, 2003]


Here 9 new Sindarin lyrics from The Return of the King soundtrack!

New version of Jessica Butler's Hymn to Banwen (prefect sound!)

Archival Elvish Linguistic Calendar for FREE! - you can download it!

My reconstruction of Aragorn's words to Brego: Man le trasta...

Full text of O Queen Beyond the Western Seas (acc. to D. Salo!)

Correction in The Revelation of the Ringwraiths.


[December 4, 2003]


Announcement about the new linguistic magazine of Elvish Linguistic Fellowship - Tengwestië!


Our friends from Japan and England present their interpretations of Aragor's words to Brego and of the final part of Éowyn's Dirge. I have changed the Brego scene dialog and my interpretation of this scene can be found here.


[December 1, 2003]


Two attempts to reconstruct the third line of Éowyn's Dirge from the movie.


[November 29, 2003]


Read about Mouth of Sauron's helmet inscription from the movie!


[November 27, 2003]


Review of The Return of the King soundtrack lyrics in Sindarin and Quenya! New issue of Gwaihir!!!


[November 26, 2003]


Two language fragments from the TTT Extended Edition: Eowyn's Dirge and Aragorn's words to Brego in Sindarin. See here.


[November 18, 2003]


Númenna or Annie Lennox's "Into The West" in Quenya by Ryszard Derdzinski.


[November 18, 2003]


New issue of Gwaihir with 2 linguistic articles in English can be ordered now! See here for details!


[November 17, 2003]


Update of the Old English dirge in TTT EE. See here!


[November 16, 2003]


Finally TTT Extended Edition has been released! Read about new revealed Sindarin and Old English dialogs here!


[November 8, 2003]


A short text about Elvish in the RotK soundtrack!


[November 7, 2003]


Corrections in Cuivienello Tol Eressëanna by Ryszard Derdzinski.


[November 6, 2003]


New image above the index (from Arthur Rackham's illustration) and few minor corrections in Sam Gamgee's Letter and Mistalondessë.


[November 5, 2003]


New information about the TTT:EE and a correction of the analysis of the Andúril's Inscription.


[November 4, 2003]


Elven Hymn to Elentári Tintallë by Elanor; Meleth Faramir (Faramir's Love in Sindarin) by Ryszard Derdzinski; Melmë Faramiro (Faramir's Love in Quenya) by Ryszard Derdzinski; Saelpheth Gandalf (Gandalf's Advice) by Ryszard Derdzinski; Adel i vennas ('Old Walking Song' Part 2) by Ryszard Derdzinski; Aistalë Elrondo ('Elrond's Blessing') by Ryszard Derdzinski


[October 28, 2003]


Thanks to our friend Evenstar from France my website has its French version!!! Bienvenue à tous les amis des langues et aux maîtres du savoir! Je souhaite que vous possédiez la joie!


[October 23, 2003]


New links and some changes in the new membership conditions!


[October 3, 2003]


I have revised my article on the consonant mutations in Sindarin.


[October 2, 2003]


Today we present new musical composition by Jessica Butler! Listen to her Laer en-Aduial. Thanks to Beren we can also present today the glossary of the Black Speech soundtrack from FotR.


[September 21, 2003]


Here you can read about the newly revealed Andúril's inscription from the RotK movie.


[August 30, 2003]


Today John Garth, author of the forthcoming Tolkien's biography Tolkien and the Great War tells about his book and about its linguistic contents. See here.


[August 27, 2003]


You may read about the runic inscriptions on the Seven Dwarven Rings of Power!


[August 13, 2003]


You can listen today to the newest Elvish musical composition by Jessica Butler. You can also read about this artist. You can also read about the new Tengwar font in the news section.


[August 12, 2003]


Today we present the new effort in deciphering the actual form of the O Queen Beyond the Western Seas heard in the FotR extended edition soundtrack. We have also added the newly discovered saying in Black Speech from the FotR and newly discovered lyric in Black Speech from the FotR. You can also find today the first poem in our collection translated into Adûnaic by Thomas Ferencz! See here.


[August 9, 2003]


In the movie section we present the fully explained The Revelation of the Ringwraiths, a lyric in the Black Speech translated by David Salo and performed in The Fellowship of the Ring movie!


[August 9, 2003]


Visit the news department! You will read about the forthcoming magazines and about a very nice webstite.


[May 19, 2003]


A couple of news concerning the Tolkienian linguistics. The meaning of the Gimli's curse from the FotR movie!


[April 24, 2003]


A big update! The new version of the Dictionary of the Reconstructed Words by Boris Shapiro! ("This version's main features: new reconstructed words, major proofreading and debugging finally completed. The latter needs some explanation: I've made a translation of PPQ into Russian (at last!), which involved some in-depth raking of its contents. Thanks to that, I was able to find and fix what I think was the majority of the nasty errors that escaped me all the time. Now I'm quite sure the product is bug-free at last!").

The new version of the Elvish Calendar by Boris Shapiro with additions for 2004 ("I have added the modules for the year 2004 and fixed some typos and minor errors in the current modules and in the article about the calendars.").

The Revelation of the Ringwraiths - Adûnaic lyric updated!

The Fellowship of the Ring Lyric: A Elbereth Gilthoniel.


[March 16, 2003]


A news about the Lambanyáre.


[March 11, 2003]


A fragment of The Revelation of the Ringwraiths - the first lyric from the movie in Adûnaic


[March 10, 2003]


I laim iaur - text in Middle Sindarin by Florian "Lothenon" Dombach.


[March 6, 2003]


First text in Old Sindarin in our collection. I lambi yåri - text in Old Sindarin by Florian "Lothenon" Dombach.


[March 5, 2003]


Information about Howard Shore and Elvish lyrics. New artwork by Tom Loback.


[March 4, 2003]


Information about the revision of Quenya Course by H. K. Fauskanger.


[February 26, 2003]


I Thrach in Gelydh ('The Curse of the Noldor') translated into Sindarin by Menelvantar. Information about Tengwar mode for Polish.


[February 20, 2003]


Narn en-Angol ('Rhyme of Lore') translated into Sindarin by Lea Shelter.


[February 19, 2003]


New lyric from TTT soundtrack: The Mearas. New additions to the soundtrack analysis: complete Evenstar text, etc. New Calligraphy Fragments by D. Daniel Andriës: Ae Adar Nín, The Elvish Scribal Hand Letter Set, Quenya Calligraphy Fragments and Namárië. In News a review of an essay about lebethron.


[February 17, 2003]


Lyrics of Evenstar and Breath of Life!


[February 11, 2003]


Information about new contents of the website ELM.


[February 8, 2003]


Minor changes in navigation on G-i-P.


[January 31, 2003]


Since today the way of presentation of my movie dialogs list is a little bit changed to simplify your navigation. Since today also you cannot download our Elvish Linguistic Calendar 2001. It can now be bought in our shop (the number of downloads blocked our server)


I have changed my bio adding two new photos.


[January 29, 2003]


Jessica Butler's Elvish music! Two hymns in Sindarin and Quenya.

Sindarin translation of The Fall of Gil-galad.

A theory of the right meaning of the movie Gimli's curse in Lórien.


[January 23, 2003]


Corrections in The Two Towers Sindarin dialogs and lyrics.


[January 18, 2003]


New version of Alex Grigny de Castro's program QuenyaNumbers 2.3. Corrections in The Two Towers Sindarin dialogs.


[January 13, 2003]


Read about Galadhorn and Eirien who talked about Tolkien's languages in Polish TV!


[January 11, 2003]


Information about Edouard Kloczko's newest book.


[January 7, 2003]


Revision of the Ring Poem in Sindarin.


[January 6, 2003]


On the occasion of Tolkien's 111th Birthday I have translated his poem The Road Goes Ever On into Sindarin. You can find it here. Also you can check the revisions made to Gaerlin Legolas. I have also changed the outlook of our FAQ made by Gildor Inglorion.

[January 1-4, 2003


New Year's Day! Tolkien's 111th Birthday! Finally I can present you a complete list of the dialogs in languages of Middle-earth used in TTT movie. There is also some progress in reasearch of the Sindarin and Old English lyrics in the movie soundtrack. Enjoy!

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