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The body of Elvish literature is vast. There are many Elvish literary works of variable size all around the world. Many people like jotting sentences in the Elvish languages. This is a list of those composition published online. Additions are welcome. Reports about dead links are welcome too, since with so many links it is difficult to keep eye on each of them.

Inspired by this collection, Seo Sanghyeon (aka Earráme) has gathered another parallel list of Elvish compositions. While I try to link to each and every composition (if possible), he only links to the main pages wherefrom the compositions can be often easily reached (basically, the final result should be the same). Visit his Neo Elvish Compositions.

[ on Ardalambion ]

     Genesis 2 - the second chapter of the Bible by Helge K. Fauskanger
     Hrívesse - Vincente Velasco's poem
     Linde Roccalassen - Ales Bican's [my] poem about Éowyn, the shieldmaiden
     Ríanna - Vincente Velasco's poem about the princess Diana
     I Yessesse - the first chapter of the Bible by Helge K. Fauskanger

[ in Earráme's Elvish Scriptorium ]

     Earráme's compositions - different compositions he sent to the elfling mailing list
     Goethe in Quenya - tchitrec's translation of goethe to quenya and other compositions

[ in Elei Edhelin ]

     A Elbereth Gilthoniel - Quenya version of the Sindarin hymn below
     An Irish Blessing
     Inya-Tana ná - contains also a Sindarin version
     Nande ta Yaresse
     Nyarna Menelmacaro
     Of the Most Ancient of Scrolls of Krystonia
     To Be or Not To Be - famous Hamlet's words in Quenya
     A Elbereth Gilthoniel
     Navaer Imladris Nín
     Vi Elei *

* : All compositions and translations by Lothiel Tinnueth

[ Eirien's Poem ]

     Amrûn o Lamedon by Eirien Tuilinn (translation in french)

[ on Gwaith i-Phethdain ]

     Aerlinn in elvellyn o Thol Gannel by Eirien Tuilinn
     Amrûn o Lamedon by Eirien Tuilinn [the same poem is on the site above]
     Ave Maria - by Ryszard Derdzinski
     Dant Gil-Galad ('The Fall of Gil-Galad') - by Ryszard Derdzinski
     Fragment of "Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth" - by Ryszard Derdzinski
     Galadriel's Lament - by Ryszard Derdzinski
     Gaerlin Legolas - by Ryszard Derdzinski
     I Râd Ui-renia Lim ('The Road Goes Ever On') - by Ryszard Derdzinski
     Ist-Minlamad en·Fangorn - by Ryszard Derdzinski
     I Thrath in Gelydh ('The Curse of the Noldor) - translated by Menelvantar
     Morn 'ellui by Didier Willis
     Naergon an Kharas Crist-Erui - by Iessadriel (Jessie Christiansen)
     Narn en-Angol - translated by Lea Sheler
     Quenta Silmarillion: 'Of the return of the Noldor' - by Pavel Iosad
     Pater Noster in Sindarin - by Ryszard Derdzinski with a zipped sound file
     Pent Fangorn - by Ryszard Derhzinski
     Riddle of Strider - by Ryszard Derhzinski
     Ring Poem - by Ryszard Derdzinski
     Sam Gamgee's Letter - by Ryszard Derhzinski
     Sindarin Prose Fragment - by Didier Willis
     Song of Gondor - by Ryszard Derhzinski
     The Oath of Cirion and Eorl - by Didier Willis and Helge Fauskanger
     Snowmane Epitaph - by Ryszard Derdzinski
     Ainulindale Fragment - by Ryszard Derdzinski
     Altariello Líre - by Aiwe
     Altariello Nainie Mistalondesse - by Ryszard Derdzinski
     Cuivienello Tol Eresseanna - by Ryszard Derdzinski
     Cuivienyarna Fragment - by Ryszard Derdzinski
     I Anda Malle - by Thomas Ferencz [found on Thomas' site as well]
     I Lirilla Lehtaleo - by Diego Sebastian Bao and Tandra Chu
     I Omentie Vinyamasse - by Lukas Novak
     Ninqueldan - by Arandil Elenion
     Númen - by David Chapman
     Oath of the Feanorians - by Milan Rezak
     Quenya Prose Fragment - by Didier Willis, translated by Sébastien Bertho
     Ring Poem - by Maciej Garbowski
     Quenta Silmarillion Fragment: 'Of the beginning of days' - by Sébastien Bertho
     Quenta Silmarillion: 'Of Coming of the Elves' - by Ryszard Derdzinski
     Quenta Silmarillion: 'Of the ruin of Beleriand' by Brett Engetschwiler
     Rómen - by David Chapman
     The «Kalevala» Fragment by Petri Tikka
     Tirno Silmarillion - by Arandil Elenion
     Two Christian Prayers - by David Chapman
     Valacormaron Fragment - by Ryszard Derdzinski
     Valaquenta: Introduction - by Ryszard Derdzinski
     Valaquenta: Of Manwe and Melkor - by Ryszard Derzinski
     Alatariello Nainie - by Vicente S. Velasco
     Alatariello Nainie Mistalonnese - by Ryszard Derdzinski
Old and Middle Sindarin
     I lambi yŚri - by Florian "Lothenon" Dombach
     I laim ioer - by Florian "Lothenon" Dombach [found on the Mellyn in Edhil site, too]
     Lament to Arwen - by Thomas Ferencz

[ Helluin's poems ]

     Galadriel's Warning to Legolas - Tolkien's poem translated
     I Gair Vedui - translation from Tolkien's Reader
     I-'wathrad Balannor
     In Ithilien
     Naergon an Thinnuel (a Tinw)
     Vi Dýr Ennui - translation of Tolkien's poem *

* : All compositions and translations by Ellen Brundige (Helluin)

[ on Hiswelóke ]

     Cormaron, Beren and Estel - three compositions by Kampilosse (Eglantine Schmitt)
     Hiswendil le Portier - the famous murder story by Didier Willis and Helge Fauskanger
     Le Serment de Cirion et Eorl - The Oath of Cirion and Eorl by Didier Willis and Helge Fauskanger [the text is also found on the Gwaith i-Phethdain web page]
     Un fragment de prose en sindarin - Sindarin Prose Fragment by Didier Willies [also on Gwaith i-Phethdain]
     Anrûn o Lamedon by Eirien Tuilinn [also on Gwaith i-Phethdain and Eirien's site]
     Ténèbres triumphantes by Didier Willis [found on Gwaith i-Phethdain as well]

[ I Mbar Maethor ]

     Into the Mist
     Galadriel's Song
     Gollum's Song
     Lament of Boromir
     May It Be
     The Fall of Gil-Galad *

* : All compositions and translations by Maethor

[ on Lambe Eldaiva ]

     I Sang of Leaves - translated by Alex Grigny de Castro

[ on Mellyn in Edhil ]

     'Abschiedslied' - by Míriel
     Aragorn's Lied - by Palangaladhiel
     Gwend daur - by Lothenon
     I chin lîn - by Lothenon
     I laim ioer - by Lothenon [found on Gwaith i-Phethdain, too]
     I rîw amar - by Níniel
     I vanga fuin - by Míriel
     Lind e huil - by Míriel
     Nan-Uir - by Lothenon
     Narn Fingolfin Aran Golodhrim - by Lothenon

[ on Mellonath Daeron ]

     Earenna - translation of Legolas' song 'To the Sea!' by Fredrik Ström
     Endóre linde - by Björn Fromén
     Fana-losse - translation of the song 'Snow-white' in 'Three is company' by Björn Fromén
     Feanor's Reply to the Elder King - Björn Fromén's translation of Feanor's reply in Chapter 9 of the Silmarillion
     I Malle Voro Lelya  - by Måns Björkman
     Íre Ravanna - by Måns Björkman
     Lícumariel linde - translation of the Hymn to St. Lucy by Björn Fromén
     The Daeron Ragbag - various short texts
     Valinórenna - poem by Björn Fromén

[ on Men Eldalambinen ]

     Á lelya sí - a senseless poem according to Petri
     Aire Lairi - Holy Sonnets
     Airelinde Anaronden (by Mika Waltari)
     Airelinde minya - Psalm I
     Altariello mentar - Galadriel's messages
     Erinqua rannen fanya ve - I wandered lonely as a cloud
     Fangorne - In the willow-meads of Tasarinan
     Kalevala translations: The Title Page and the Foreword, I Minya Laire (the first part of Kalevala)
     Lante Artanáro - the Fall of Gil-Galad
     I Nuruhuine Tule (the story is also a part of aplay compositions)
     Lótesse - May
     Marnórelva - the Finnish hymn
     Melme - Love
     Nóre Alcarwa - Land of Hope and Glory
     Olorissen - In Dreams (by Fran Walsh and Howard Shore)
     Pessailon - in western lands beneath the Sun
     Sére Avánie
     Telcontar - All that is gold does not glitter
     Vanta-líre - Upon the hearth the fire is red
     Estad - Naming
     Man calad? - a four-lingual poem featuring also a Quenya version *

* : All poems and translations by Petri Tikka

[ in Thomas Ferencz's compositions ]

     A simple nursery rhyme
     Á lilta
     Fragment of the Gospel of Thomas
     I Anda Malle [found also on Gwaith i-Phethdain]
     I Tella Quende
     Lirilla Voronweo
     Nainie Niinielo
     Ngolofinwe *

* : All poems and translations by Thomas Ferencz

[ in Tol Gannen ]

     Glîr - poetry in Sindarin: Amrûn o Lamenon by Eirien Tuilinn [found on her own site and on Gwaith i-Phethdain, too], Aerlinn in elvelyn o Thol Gannel by Eirien Tuilinn [found also on Gwaith i-Phethdain] and Morn 'ellui [found on the Hiswelóke site as well]

[ in TolkLang archives ]

     Annals of Valinor - translated by Anthony Appleyard
     Nu karne earesse - by Anthony Appleyard
     Mountaintop - by Ivan Derzhanski
     Mountaintop 2 - by Ivan Derzhanski (augmented and revised version)
     Sheila - by Ivan Derzhanski
     White Wave - by Ivan Derzhanski
     Thou Hast Flown - by Mark Marrell
     Snow White - by Suzanne Skinner
     Reepicheep - by Tony Velasquez
     Chaos Wyrm - by Taro Shephen Ogawa
     Mortality - by Anthony Appleyard

[ on www.eldalamberon.com ]

     Idril's Song
     Lirit Annieva
     Maeglin's Song
     Tuor's Song
     Vingilóteo - (a nice song with a nice image) *

* : All poems by Christopher Gilson

[ on www.elvish.org ]

     Attolma - Lord's Prayer by Patrick Wynne and Carl F. Hostetter translated to Quenya

[ plus the compositions on this site... ]

     Agnes' Poem - translated by Ales Bican [me]
     Melinyel - by Kirsten Eivor Bekkhus
     Firinnor - by Seo Sanghyeon
     Galadriel's Song - by Christopher Gilson
     I Nuruhuine Tule - by Petri Tikka
     laika * karne * luine * by Ales Bican [me]
     Silmesse - by Helge Fauskanger
     Tuile - by Ales Bican [me]
     Tyalie - by Ales Bican [me]

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