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    * 5th june 2005 the winter version finally removed -- gah...

    * 22nd december 2004 winter version launched; fave links heavily updated; Quenya Babybook updated; a new musical (a)musing added

    * 2nd april 2004 yet other embarassing overlooks removed from the site -- this time thanks go to Petri Tikka; somebody wake me up!

    * 28th march 2004 certain unpleasant overlooks removed from the updates section, thanks to Josu Gómez for spotting this! (the items that were announced to have been added to the site will hopefully appear soon)

    * 21st march 2004 the winter version removed

    * 29th december 2003 the problem with flakes fixed, the winter version should now work even for netscape 6.0 and better (a new javascript code used)

"too many too much too hard, help me this time I'm too far" (Kylie Minogue, Too far)
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