[ a b r e v i a t i o n s ]

This is supposed be a list of those abbreviations and/or acronyms that are commonly used by others or myself on my site.

[ persons ]

JRRT = John Ronald Reuel Tolkien
ChT, CJRT = Christopher John Ronald Tolkien

[ books ]

LotR, LR = The Lord of the Rings
    I, FotR, FR = The Fellowship of the Ring
    II, TT = The Two Towers
    III, RK = The Return of the King
HoMe, HMe = The History of Middle-earth (sometimes particular volumes are referred to as I through XII)
    LT1 = The Book of Lost Tales Vol. 1
    LT2 = The Book of Lost Tales Vol. 2
    LB = The Lays of Beleriand
    SM = The Shaping of Middle-earth
    LR = The Lost Road and other writings
    RS = The Return of the Shadow
    TI = The Treason of Isengard
    WR = The War of the Ring
    SD = Sauron Defeated
    MR = Morgoth's Ring
    WJ = The War of the Jewels
    PM = The Peoples of Middle-earth
RGEO, R = The Road Goes Ever On
UT = Unfinished Tales
Letters, L = The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien
MC = The Monsters and the Critics and Other Essays
Silm, S = The Silmarillion
TH, H = The Hobbit

[ journals ]

TyTy, TT = Tyalie Tyelelliéva
PE = Parma Eldalamberon
    GL, LNG = Gnomish Lexicon or IˇLam naˇNgoldathon respectively, published in PE#11
    QL, QQ = Qenya Lexicon resp. Qenyaqetsa, published in PE#12
VT = Vinyar Tengwar

[ parts of books ]

SA, SAp = Silmarillion Appendix (sc. 'Elements of Quenya and Sindarin names')
Etym = The Etymologies, the third part of LR
Q&E = Quendi and Eldar, the fourth part of WJ

[ poems, fragments and different texts ]

FS = Fíriel's Song, LR:72
CO = Cirion's Oath, in UT ('Cirion and Eorl')
Arct. = the Arctic Sentence, in Father Christmas Letters
OM1 = Oilima Markirya, fist version, MC:221-3
OM2 = Oilima Markirya, another version, MC:213-4
FM, Mark. = the final version of the Markirya poem, found in MC:221-223
Ear = the Earendel poem, in MC:216
Nie = the Nieninque poem, in MC:215-6
AM = Aiya María, with versions I-IV
At = Átaremma, with version I-VI
BD = the Bodleian Declension chart, published in VT28
ED = the Entu, Ensi, Enta Declension chart, published in VT36
EW = Elendil's Words, LotR, Part IV, Chapter 5
Nar = the Narqelion poem, in VT40

[ languages ]

Q = Quenya
S = Sindarin
N = Noldorin
T = Telerin
L = Lindarin
PQ = Primitive Quendian
CE = Common Eldarin
CL = Common Lindarin
CT = Common Telerin
AT = Amanya Telerin
OS = Old Sindarin
ON = Old Noldorin
EN = Exilic Noldorin
Kh = Khuzdul (Dwarvish)
Ad = Adunaic

[ miscellaneous ]

ET : the editorial team (Carl Hostetter, Patrick Wynne, Chris Gilson, Arden Smith, Bill Welden)
MeT: Middle-earth Time

[ linguistics ]

sg. = singular
pl. = plural
m., masc. = masculine
f., fem. = feminine
intr. = intransitive
tr. = transitive
n. = noun
adj. = adjective
pron. = pronoun
vb. = verb
adv. = adverb
nom. = nominative
gen. = genitive
poss. = possessive
dat. = dative
acc. = accusative
voc. = vocative
loc. = locative
all. = allative
abl. = ablative
pa.t. = past tense
fut. = future tense
aor. = aorist
perf. = perfect
pp. = past participle

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