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[ journals ]

     Tyalie Tyelelliéva - webpage of this nice journal devoted to publishing your Elvish poetry and prose
     Vinyar Tengwar - read about this journal and order it if you like
     www.eldalamberon.com - home of the Parma Eldalamberon journal; check the poetry section

[ languages ]

     Ardalambion - by far the best site about Tolkien's languages by Helge Fauskanger; now check the Quenya Course [highly recommended!]
     Gwaith i-Phethdain - contains many Elvish compositions; you also can order the Sindarin dictionary
     Mellonath Daeron - the Language Guild of the Forodrim; contains lots of interesting stuff
     Quenya Reexamined - Anthony Appleyard's article about Quenya
     Sindarin online seach - amazing Sindarin online dictionary + its downloadable pdf version by Didier Willis

[ letters ]

     Amanye Tenceli - nice pages devoted to Tengwar and Sarati
     Dan Smith's Fantasy fonts - download Tengwar fonts for Windows

[ mailing lists ]

     Elfling - the best mailing list about Tolkien's invented languages!
     Elfscript - devoted to Elvish scripts and writing systems
     Lambengolmor - yet another: this one is, however, very strictly moderated
     Quenya - an attempt to make Quenya a living language
     TolkLang - another mailing list with the very same function as Elfling but less active nowadays

[ misc. ]

     Lalaith's Middle-earth Science Pages - check Lalaith's guide on Adunaic!
     Lambe Eldaiva - check out the tables!
     Men i Eldalambinen - check Elvish crosswords, compositions and more!
     www.ambar-eldaron.com - visit and see Elvish texts written in tengwar (a poem of mine is also included)
     www.elvish.org - contains an extensive list of Tolkien resources

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non-Tolkien related | Tolkien related

[ alanis morissette ]

     official Alanis site at Maverick Records
     www.alanis.com - join Alanis' paintbox

[ björk ]


[ contact ]

     Contact - a web page devoted to this movie
     www.contact-themovie.com - official page of this nice movie

[ ecstasy of st. theresa ]

     www.eost.cz - homepage of st. Theresa; in czech as well as english

[ garbage ]


[ goldfrapp ]

     www.goldfrapp.co.uk - wonderful electric

[ kosheen ]

     www.kosheen.net [drumandbass forever]

[ kylie minogue ]

     www.kylie.com - official
     www.kylie.co.uk - best page about Kylie; check the media section [and LoveKylie, too! : ) ]
     www.mixkylie.co.uk - comprehensive discography of probably all kylie's songs and their mixes

[ ladytron ]

     www.ladytron.com - like a little bit of retro-sounding electro?

[ milla jovovich ]

     www.peopletree.com [related to Milla]

[ moloko ]

     www.absentmindedfans.pl - official moloko fansite
     www.moloko.co.uk - the official one

[ mono ]

     unofficial mono site - live in mono!

[ romeo + juliet ]

     www.romeoandjuliet.com - site of one of my favorite movie

[ sophie marceau ]

     en noir et blanc... - the most beautiful site devoted to Sophie Marceau!
     yet another Sophie Marceau page
     www.sophiemarceau.be - an amazing site!

[ stina nordenstam ]

     CQD - seek you danger?
     www.yello.ch [related to Stina]

[ sunscreem ]

     sunscreem mailing list
     www.sunscreem.co.uk - official sunscreem homepage; read news and order some sunscreem music

[ the avalanches ]

     www.theavalanches.com - they made an extraordinary album Since I left you, definitely worth of listening!

[ trip hop - a style that never existed ]

     www.morcheeba.net [ they coquet with pop these days, though... ]
     www.portishead.co.uk - pure trip hop

[ misc. ]

     www.barumba.cz - my favorite czech club
     www.m-w.com - Merriam Webster online, a very useful site
     www.paskvil.cz - home of my fave tv program; in czech
     www.ftv.com - Fashion TV

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