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    * The site is optimized for the 1024x768 resolution; it should work fine with netscape communicator 4.x, though certain effects are viewable only in ie or the new netscape.

    * I dedicate this site to my family that I like very much.

    * Poems on this webpage are written with the Papyrus font. If you cannot see it (you might see Lucida Calligraphy, Georgia, Verdana or something else) you can download it. Click here. (If I violate someone's copyright please let me know.)

    * elm was supposed to be an acrorym for eldalinwelemar which was the name of my former vision of the page. It would mean something like "Home for Elvish poetry" (elda-linwele-mar). But this site is no longer eldalinwelemar, it is simply elm. Sometimes I call it alalme, which is "elm" in Quenya.

    * The site was created to host the Babybook which I compited. I was encouraged to find a pernament place for it. I added a few things I liked, so I created my own small website.

    * The index contains four sections of which the miscellanea is of the least importance. Under the compositions there are some poems and a list of other sites where the Elvish poetry or prose have been published. The creations section contains a few works dealing somehow with the Elvish languages or writing systems. Finally, there is a playground and you can recreate yourself there.

    * Upon the initial index page there is an image of Sophie Marceau. When the index was written it looked a little bit empty (actually it was). I was wondering what I could add -- some image, yes. It happened that I did not like any Tolkien-related one like this of Sophie Marceau. However, I was long undecided (understandably), after all the webpage deals with Tolkien's invited languages, it is no tribute to this actress. Finally, my friend encouraged me (he surely knew that I would have done it in the end) and I dared to set the image on my site. (You can see the full sized image of hers just by clicking here.)

    * The 'get out get outta here enough already' phrase is a quotation from Wake up, a song by Alanis Morissette. I thought it would be a nice text for a back-link.

    * I am not a native speaker of English and I am sure that my site contains a lot of mistakes. Please if you would be so kind let me know about them. Thank you very much.

    * As noted on the cover page of this web site, no partnership or other relationship with the Elvish Linguistic Fellowship exists or is to be inferred. I am solely responsible for contents of the wep page elm. The views presented thereon are not necessarily those of the E.L.F.. Likewise, I need not necessarily share the views of the Elvish Linguistic Fellowship.

    * I would like to thank to Helge Fauskanger for help and permission to publish his poem; to David Salo for permission to publish his letter; to Christopher Gilson for permission to publish his poem; to Carl F. Hostetter and for server space; to Yana Timkova for permission to publish her poem; to Renato Müller for encouragement and invaluable help with the web site and all; to Angasúle for help with Tengwar, to all others who helped me somehow; and finally my little personal thank to sunscreem for music they produce. Thank ye all very much!!

    * Any comments, suggestions, questions, corrections and additions mail to Ales Bican. Thanks.

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