Yana Timkova
your face - as if chiseled from ice...
from Niennah
over my dead body!
a saying

barefeet on the ice...
snowflakes fall
on my open palms
and do not melt...
"two alike - they do not exist" -
so I was told...
but I keep on looking
and I know -
the impossible,
the improbable -
it will come to pass,
if I will find...

my hair
is covered with frost,
and my eyelashes too...
I feel the ice
on my lips,
I taste it...
the blizzard is getting stronger,
and already it's hard to see
on the distance
more than two steps...
my hands are numb,
my feet are numb...
when the cold
will reach my heart -
I will never
feel the pain again...

I step
somebody's body...

[ I am very thankful to Yana Timkova who granted me permission to place her poem upon my web site. The poem was originally written in Russian, this is authorial translation. Although it does not deal a lot with Tolkien's languages, I liked it so much that I wanted to have it here. ]

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