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[ Z ]

ZACHARIAS, ZECHARIAH, ZAC - Heb. 'god remembers'; eru "god", ista "know", so Eruista or Eruisto (with a masc. ending)

ZELDA (f.) - possibly Yiddish 'luck'; lanqua (from QL, perhaps not valid), so Lanque

ZEUS (m.) - probably derived from Indo-European 'shine', 'sky'; cal- "shine", menel, so perhaps Calo or Menelo

ZOE (f.) - Greek 'life'; cuile "life", so could be Cuile by itself; a variant of Quenya "life" could be coi (cf. coimas "life-bread"), so maybe Coiel (for ending -el see Altariel sc. Galadriel)

ZORA (f.) - a form of Aurora (q.v.), so Amaurea

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