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OBADIAH (m.) - Heb. 'servant of God'; Eru "God"; -ndur "servant of", thus Erundur

OCTAVIA (f.) - feminine of OCTAVIUS (q.v.), thus Toltye

OCTAVIUS (m.) - Latin 'eighth'; *toltya "eighth", thus Toltyo

ODETTE (f.) - feminine form of ODO (q.v.), thus Herene

ODILA (f.) - feminine form of ODO, see ODETTE

ODO (m.) - from Old Ger. 'prosperity/riches'; heren "fortune", thus maybe Hereno

OIHANE (m.) - Basque 'rainforest, jungle'; perhaps Vercatauro (for "wild forest")

OLAF (m.) - Old Norse 'ancestor's descendant'; nostar "parent", -ion "descendant of ", so Nostarion

OLGA (f.) - form of HELGA (q.v.)

OLIVER (m.) - perhaps from Germanic 'elf army'; Elda "elf", hosta "host", so it might be Eldahosto; some say it mean 'bringer of peace"; raine "peace", colindo "bearer" (no better word for the time being), so Rainecolindo

OLIVIA (f.) - feminine of OLIVER (q.v.), so Eldahoste or Rainecolinde

OLWEN (f.) - Welsh 'footprint + white/fair'; runya "footprint"; losse "white", thus Runyalos

OPHELIA (f.) - possibly derivative of Greek 'help'; resta- "aid" (from Qenya Lexicom, it may happen it is not valid), thus could be Restawen, Restiel, etc.

ORIEL (f.) - Old Ger. 'fire + war/battle/strife'; náre "fire"; ohta "war", thus Nárohte

ORLANDO (m.) - Italian form of ROLAND (q.v.), so Alcarnor

OSBERT (m) - Old Eng. 'God + bright'; Eru "bright"; calima "bright", thus Erucalimo

OSCAR (m.) - maybe Old Eng. 'God + spear'; Eru "God"; ecco "spear", thus Eruecco

OSMUND (m.) - Old Eng. 'God + protector'; Eru "God"; *varyar "protector", thus Eruvaryar

OSWALD (m.) - Old Eng. 'God + guard'; Eru "God"; *varno "guard", thus Eruvarno

OSWIN (m.) - Old Eng. 'God + friend'; Eru "God"; -ndil "-friend", thus Erundil

OTTO (m.) - variant of ODO (q.v.)


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