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GABRIEL (m.) - Heb. 'man of God'; nér "man", Eru "God", thus Nereruo, maybe contracted Neruo or Eruner (="God-man")

GABRIELA (f.) - feminine of GABRIEL (q.v.), thus maybe Nererue, contracted Nerue or Erunis ("God-woman")

GARRET (m.) - a form of GERARD (q.v.)

GARY (m.) - Ger. 'spear'; ecco "spear", Ecco itself

GEMMA (f.) - Italian 'gem, jewel'; míre "jewel", thus Mírie

GENEVIÈVE (f.) - perhaps Old Celtic 'tribe woman'; nosse "kin, family", nis "woman", so Nossenis

GEOFFREY (m.) - perhaps a form of GODFREY (q.v.), so Eruséro

GEORGE (m.) - Kememmótar or Kemmótar, see NWHAGEN

GEORGIA, GEORGINA (f.) - feminine form of GEORGE (q.v.), thus Kememmótare or Kemmótare

GERALD (f.) - Old Ger. 'spear+ ruler'; ecco, ehte "spear"; -tur "ruler", thus Eccotur or Ehtetur or contracted Ehtur

GERALDINE (f.) - feminine of GERALD (q.v.), thus Eccoture or Ehteture or Ehture

GERARD (m.) - Old Ger. 'spear + hardy/strong'; ecco, ehte "spear"; tulca "strong", thus Eccotulco or Ehtetulco

GERMAIN (m.) - Latin 'brother'; toron "brother", thus Toron itself

GERMAINE (f.) - feminine form of GERMAIN (q.v.), thus maybe Torne

GERTRUDE (f.) - Old Ger. 'spear + strength'; ecco, ehte "spear"; tuo "physical strength", thus Eccotue or Ehtetue

GIJS (m.) - Dutch 'bright spear'; calima "bright", ecco "spear", ehtar "spearman", so Calimecco or Calimehtar

GILBERT (m.) - Heb. 'pledge + bright'; vanda "pledge, oath"; calima "bright", thus Vandacalimon or Vandacalimo

GILMORE (m.) - Irish 'servant of Mary'; -ndur "servant of", so Sárendur (see MARY)

GISELA (f.) - derivative of Old Ger. 'pledge'; vanda "pledge, oath", thus could be Vande or Vandie

GLEN (f.) - Scottish 'valley'; nan "valley", so Nan itself

GLENDA (f.) - Welsh 'pure/clean + good'; poica "clean, pure"; mára "good", thus Poicamáre

GLORIA, GLORY (f.) - Latin 'glory'; alcare "glory", thus Alcare itself

GODFREY (m.) - Old Ger. 'God + peace'; Eru "God"; sére "peace", thus Eruséro

GODRIC (m.) - Old Eng. 'God + ruler'; Eru "God"; -tur "-ruler", thus Erutur

GODWIN (m.) - Old Ger. 'God-friend'; Eru "God"; -ndil "-friend", thus Erundil

GOLDIE (f.) - 'gold'; laure "gold" or laurea "golden", thus Laure itself, or Laurie

GOLDWIN (m.) - Old Eng. 'gold + friend'; laure "gold"; -ndil "-friend", thus Laurendil

GRACE (f.) - eruanna "grace", so Eruanna as such

GREGORY (m.) - Greek derivative of 'to be watchful'; already Tirno ("watcher") is used

GRISELDA (f.) - Germanic 'grey battle'; sinda "grey", ohta "war", so Sindohte

GUDRUN (f.) - Old Norse 'God's secret lore'; Eru "God", nolwe "secret lore", so Erunolwe

GUNNAR (m.) - either a variant of GUNTER (q.v.), so Ohtatulco, Ohtulco, or Ohtahosto/Ohtahoston; or Old Norse 'war'; ohta "war", so Ohto or Ohton

GUNTER (m.) - either Old Ger. 'war + strong/hardy'; ohta "war"; tulca "strong", thus Ohtatulco or contr. Ohtulco; or Old Ger. 'war army'; hosta "large number, gross", hence Ohtahosto or Ohtahoston

GUSTAV (m.) - Old Norse 'staff of the Goths'; *vandil "staff", calimbo *"a German" (both words are from QL and high speculative), so perhaps Calimbandil (with mb+v becoming mb)

GWEN (f.) - Welsh 'white'; losse "white", thus Losse itself

GWENDA (f.) - Welsh 'white + good'; losse "white"; mára "good"; thus Lossemáre

GWENDOLIN (f.) - Welsh 'white + ring'; losse "white"; corma "ring", thus Lossecorme

GWENLLIAN (f.) - Welsh 'white + flood'; losse "white"; celume "flood", thus Lossecelume

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