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TANYA (f.) - said to mean 'fairy queen'; inwe "fairy" (QL!), tári, so perhaps Inwitári

TANSI, TANSY (f.) - from ATHANASIA (q.v.)

TARA (f.) - Gaelic 'hill'; ambo "hill", so Ambe; or it might be Sanskrit 'star'; elen, tinwe ("sparkle"), so Elen and Tinwe would work; Also, I was said that it means 'rocky pinnacle' (perhaps another translation of Gaelic original word); sarna "of stone", telma "topmost pinnacle", so Sarnatelme or Telmasarne (with a reverse word-order, which is not usual, though allowed)

TATIANA (f.) - meaning unknown; if it were adopted to Elvish, it would perhaps look like Tatyana in Quenya and Tedian in Sindarin

TAYLOR (m. & f.) - Anglo-Norman 'cutter'; rista "cut", thus m. Ristar or Ristaro, and f. Ristare

THADDEUS (f.) - perhaps Aramaic 'heart'; hon "heart", so perhaps Hondo

THALIA (f.) - derived from Greek 'to flourish'; al- "to thrive", thus could be Alare ("she-thriver") or Alie or others

THEA (f.) - Greek 'goddess'; valie "goddess", so Valie itself

THELMA (f.) - from Greek '[act of] will'; nirme "act of will", thus Nirme itself

THEOBALD (m.) - Old Ger. 'people + bold'; lie "people"; verya, canya "bold", thus Lieveryo or Liecanyo

THEODORA (f.) - feminine of THEODORE (q.v.), thus Eruanne

THEODORE (m.) - Greek 'gift of God'; Eru "gift"; anna "gift", thus Eruanno

THEODORIC (m.) - Old Ger. 'people + ruler'; lie "people"; -tur "-ruler", thus Lietur

THERESA, TESS (f.) - very speculative, maybe derived from Greek 'to reap'; hosta "gather", thus maybe Hostie or Hostawen ("gathering-maiden") or Hostanis ("gathering-woman") or others; it also might be from Greek 'summer', so Laire (laire "summer")

THOMAS (m.) - Aramaic 'twin'; onóna "twin", thus could be Onóno

TIFFANY (f.) - Greek 'god + to appear'; Eru "God"; tana- "to show", thus Erutane or Erutanie

TIMOTHY (m.) - Greek 'honor + god'; alcar "glory"; Eru "God", thus Alcareru; perhaps we also could use the word aista "honour, reverence" from the Qenya Lexicon, hence Aisteru

TITUS, TITOS (f.) - Latin 'defender'; varya "protect", so Varyar

TOBIAS, TOBY (m.) - Heb. 'God [is] good'; Eru "God"; mára "good", thus Erumáro

TODD (f.) - Middle Eng. 'fox'; rusco "fox", so just Rusco

TOIVO (m.) - Finnish 'hope'; estel "hope", so Estel

TORI (f.) - from VICTORIA (q.v.), so Nacilme or T&uuacute;re

TRACY (f.) - French 'road, path'; tie "road, path", so Tie as such

TRAVIS (m.) - from Norman French 'he who crosses'; tara- "cross" (from QL, maybe not valid), thus Tarar

TREVOR (m.) - from Welsh 'big village'; alat- "large", opele "town, village", -os "city", so Alatopel or Alatos

TRISTAN (m.) - either from Celtic 'riot' or 'tumult'; since as far as I am aware there is no word or either of them, it is hard to translate this name, but perhaps *amortie "up-rising" might work, so Amortio or Amortion

TRUMAN (m.) - 'true man'; anwa "real, true"; -ner "man", thus Anwaner

TUIJA (f.) - Finnish 'wind'; súre, so Súre as such

TYLER (m.) - Old Eng. 'tiler of roofs'; Telutan ("roof-maker": stem telu- "roof in", stem tan "make, fashion")

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