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NADEZHDA, NADIA (f.) - Russian 'hope'; estel "hope", thus Estel itself

NANCY (f.) - Poicelle, see NWHAGEN

NAOMI (f.) - Heb. 'pleasant'; perhaps alassea "joyful", so Alassiel

NATALIA, NATHALIE (f.) - a derivative of Latin 'birthday'; nosta "birthday", thus could be Nostawen or Nostie or others, cf. NWHAGEN

NATHANIEL (m.) - Heb. 'he [God] has given'; Eru "God"; *anantie or maybe *ánie "has given", thus Eru(a)ntion or Ániero ("he has given") (cf. JONATHAN)

NEIL, NEAL (m.) - perhaps Gaelic 'champion' or 'cloud'; aráto "champion, eminent man", lumbo "cloud", so Aráto or Lumbo as such

NIILO (m.) - Finnish variant of NICHOLAS (q.v.)

NICHOLAS (m.) - Túrelio, see NWHAGEN under 'Klaus'

NICOLA, NICOL (f.) - feminine form of NICHOLAS (q.v.), thus Túrelie

NIKITA (m.) - from Greek 'unconquerable'; mapa- "seize" *úmátima "unseizable", thus Úmátimon

NIKITA (f.) - one of those names used for both men and women; Úmátime (see above)

NINA (f.) - either a short form of names ending in nina or Spanish 'little girl' or Babylonian 'enclosure of fish'; *vendince "little girl", so Vendince by itself, lingwe, hala "fish", panda "enclosure", so Lingwipande or Halapande (with a feminine ending)

NOAH (m.) - perchance Heb. 'long'; anda "long", thus Ando or Andon

NONA (f.) - from Latin 'ninth'; nertea "ninth", thus Nertea as such

NORA (f.) - Latin 'honor'; aista "honour" (QL!) which might be used as such or as Aiste with a feminine suffix

NORMA (f.) - possibly feminine of NORMAN (q.v.), thus Fornere or Fornis (="North-woman")

NORMAN (m.) - Old Ger. 'north-man'; for- "north-"; -ner "man", thus Forner

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