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UKKO (m.) - perhaps Finnish 'old'; enwina "old", linyenwa "having many years", so Enwino or Linyenvo

ULRIC (m.) - Old Eng. 'wolf + ruler'; narmo "wolf"; -tur "ruler", thus Narmotur

ULRICA (f.) - feminine of ULRIC (q.v.), thus Narmoture

URIAH (m) - Heb. 'God [is] light'; Eru "God"; cala "light", thus Erucalo

URSULA (f.) - diminutive of Latin 'she-bear'; *morce "she-bear" (based on morco "(he-)bear"), *morcelle "little she-bear", thus Morcelle itself

USKO (m.) - Finnish 'faith'; voronwe "steadfastness, loyalty, faithfulness', so Voronwe alone

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