Greenwood Press, 2000
xiii + 274 pp.
Hardcover. $59.95
ISBN 0-313-30530-7
ISSN 0193-6875

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• Edith L. Crowe,
Mythprint 37

• Christopher Kreuzer,
Amon Hen 164 & 165

• Grey Walker,

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En Français

• Michaël Devaux,
Université de Caen


Essays on The History of Middle-earth

Edited by
Verlyn Flieger & Carl F. Hostetter

Winner of The Mythopoeic Society's
2002 Mythopoeic Scholarship Award for Inklings Studies


p. 29, note 8: The given URL has expired. The correct URL is

p. 89, first paragraph: There should be a bullet preceding. This is a production error; the bullet appears in the camera-ready master.

p. 194, block quote, third line: Delete the first “even”.

p. 241, list item 3, first line: For “1920s–1930s?” read “1950s”.

p. 254, line 1: For “Qenyqetsa” read “Qenyaqetsa”.

p. 255, third paragraph, penultimate line: “The Children of Húrin” and “Narn” should be italicized.

p. 267, left column, middle, entry “Taliska/Taliskan”: Delete “; etymology of, 108”.

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