Sarati Rúmilo Quenyava

by Ryszard Derdzinski


The oldest writing system of Arda was created in the Valian Year 1179 by Rúmil of Valinor. You can read about this interesting system found in the Tolkien's papers by Arden Smith in Vinyar Tengwar #37, p. 15-23. Here you can see its detailed analysis by Måns Björkman. My main task was to reconstruct the sarati mode for Quenya. Main rule of this Quenya adaptation was that the relationship between the Rúmilian modes for Qenya and English (the only mode we know, see here) is very much like the relationship between the Feanorian modes for Quenya and

English in such things as the placement of the tehtar and the use of b, d, g for mb, nd, ng. Remember that it is a mere guess and I don't claim it is the last word in this topic. Probably more Rúmilian material will be published sooner or later, and many riddles will be solved and explained. If you want to share your ideas concerning the Quenya mode of Sarati Rúmilo with the other guests of Gwaith-i-Pheddain write to me. Maybe you have an idea how to write qu and ngw

Editoral note. The sarati printed in grey don't find use in my Quenya mode. These in blue are reconstructed. The font I have used here was devised by Måns Björkman. Download Tirion Sarati and documentation

Quenya Consonants

t p ty k
nd mb ndy ng
th f thty ch
nt v nty  nc
n m   ñ
r   l  
s s z st
h - y w


Quenya Vowels

a e i o u

Diacritics and special signs

s.carrier l.carrier +s comma



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