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An Annotated Guide

A selection of noteworthy articles from around the web.


The purpose of this page is to provide notice and a persistent annotated index of what your editor feels to be the more significant and worthwhile analytical and descriptive articles on Tolkien's invented languages found around the web. To submit an article for consideration, please e-mail mewith the URL and a short description of the work. Commentary on these works is welcome at the Lambengolmorlist.


Elvish as She Is Spoke (PDF)

Author: Carl F. Hostetter [ e-mail]

An examination of Tolkien's purposes in inventing his Elvish languages and his practices in describing them, their consequent nature, and the inherent pitfalls in any attempt to "speak Elvish".

Republished with permission from The Lord of the Rings 1954–2004: Scholarship in Honor of Richard E. Blackwelder (Marquette, 2006), ed. Wayne G. Hammond and Christina Scull.

I'd like to record here my special thanks to Wayne and Christina for their encouragement in completing this essay, and for their always exemplary editorial and production work; also to Matt Blessing of the Marquette archives for hosting this conference and for inviting me to give this talk; and to all three for their very kind permission to republish this article on the E.L.F.'s web site.

The Evolution from Primitive Elvish to Quenya (PDF)

Author: Helge Kåre Fauskanger [ e-mail] [ web site]

Traces the phonological development of Quenya from its origins through the late Third Age.

Quenya Particles

Author: Alex Grigny de Castro [ e-mail] [ web site]

A compilation and consideration of Quenya particles and affixes.

Quenya Affixes

Author: Helge Kåre Fauskanger [ e-mail] [ web site]

Another compilation and consideration of Quenya affixes, with emphasis on derivational elements.

The -s Case

Author: Ales Bican [ e-mail]

A consideration of the evidence for an enigmatic Quenya case.

Attested Sindarin Plurals

Author: Anders Stenström (“Beregond”) [ e-mail]

A list of all attested Sindarin plurals, with extensive notes.

Northern Dialect of Sindarin (PDF)

Author: Richard Derdzinski [ e-mail] [ web site]

An examination of the evidence for a Sindarin dialect.

The Mellonath DaeronIndex of TengwarSpecimina

Author: Members of Mellonath Daeron[ e-mail] [ web site]

A descriptive catalog of all published tengwarspecimina.

The Mellonath DaeronIndex of CirthSpecimina

Author: Members of Mellonath Daeron[ e-mail] [ web site]

A descriptive catalog of all published cirthspecimina.

Lalaith's Guide to Adûnaic Grammar

Author: “Lalaith” [ e-mail] [ web site]

One person's take on Lowdham's Report. Idiosyncratic, but worth reading and pondering.

The AtalanteFragments (RTF)

Author: Ales Bican [ e-mail]

A detailed and thoughtful examination of the language of Lowdham's Fragments.

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