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Sample Issue: No. 43 — Átaremma, Aia María & Alcar i Ataren

With the very kind permission of the Tolkien Estate, I am pleased to be able to provide for download a PDF version of VT issue 43, containing the presentation and analysis of Tolkien's Quenya translations of the Paternoster (Átaremma), the Ave Maria (Aia María), and the Gloria Patri (Alcar i Ataren).

Step One: Download and install the latest Adobe® Acrobat Reader

To view this PDF you will need to have installed version 5 (or higher) of the free Adobe® Acrobat Reader for your computer platform, which is available for download from the Adobe web site:

Get Acrobat Reader

Step Two: Download VT 43 in PDF

You can then download the PDF file by clicking here. (844K)


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