Message: 2
   Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 19:53:31 +0000
   From: Lisa Star
Subject: Three Translations

This is the set of three translations from Gilfanon's Tale, which I prepared
to illustrate the differences between different stages of Quenya.  I will first provide the translations, and then I will offer a very simple explanation of some of the words. © by Lisa Star

The English of the beginning of Gilfanon's Tale (p. 231 LTI)

Now many of the most ancient things of the Earth are forgotten, for they were lost in the darkness that was before the Sun and no lore may recover them, yet mayhap this is new to the ears of many here that when the Teleri, the Noldoli and the Solosimpi.....

1) the QQ (Qenya) version (in language compatible with the Lost Tales and Lexicons)

Tyá nattor akorar olli Marda nalla mintello avanwa as-kasta niento vanwa im Lomendánar ya ner nóva y Úri, yan alnóleme turur annete ende: er as-valto ikse nár velupantea ankassenta limbion hyá en san i Teleri, i Noldoli yan i Solosimpi....

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2) The Etymologies compatible version

Sin linnati yárima Ambaronen úmer atayalina ten toi vanwa mi lóme tana estie i Anar, a ńolwe úva atatultat ananta [mayhap] sín ye[va] sinya lárennar Eldaliéva sí, tana íre i Ingwi, i Noldor ar i Teleri....

3) the LotR compatible version ("mature Quenya")

Sí linnati anyárima Ambaro lá nar enyálina an ner vanwa mi mornie i
yestie i Anar, ar lá ńóle enhiruva te ananta nai sí ná vinya lassennar
Eldaliéva sinome, i íre i Vanyar, i Noldor ar i Teleri....

Commentary can be found on ELFLING and here.